Team Liquid pro player Poach slams Epic Games over “game-breaking” bugs

Poach, Instagram / Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale, despite the $30 million World Cup event being well and truly underway.

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Poach claims that a number of “game-breaking” issues have been in the popular battle royale game for months, seemingly baffled that the developer is yet to make changes to rectify them. 

The pro player and popular streamer posted a lengthy message, directed at Epic Games, to Twitter on April 17. While he didn’t name the problems specifically, the Team Liquid star pointed out that a number of fellow pros have already listed them for the developer on Reddit – to no avail.

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Epic GamesHave concerns about ‘game breaking’ bugs from Fortnite pro players fell on deaf ears?

“I don’t get how there is no major bugs being addressed in any of these patches,” the pro player tweeted, clearly frustrated by the current state of the game.

“There are game breaking bugs that have been in this game for months and are constantly complained about on Reddit, pros have even made lists for Epic, and still nothing,” he said, before jokingly saying: “But, thank god we can pet dogs.”

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Fortnite’s latest v8.40 patch added the option to pet other players’ backbling, as long as they’re animals. Other features included new Epic and Legendary variants of the Infantry rifle, as well as a fresh LTM called Air Royale. 

Poach’s comments, however, come just days after popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek revealed that he had received messages from a number of Fortnite pro players, claiming that they were going to quit the game after the $30 million Fortnite World Cup event came to a close. 

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Whether or not a number of high profile players will move away from Fortnite’s esports scene remains to be seen, but there’s certainly growing concerns lingering around the game’s competitive community. Poach is just one of many that are frustrated. 

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