SypherPK defends Fortnite Season 6 amid #RIPFortnite trend but has “valid concerns”

. 1 year ago
SypherPK Fortnite Season 6
Twitter: SypherPK / Epic Games

SypherPK defended Fortnite Season 6 from all the backlash on social media in the midst of the #RIPFortnite trend. However, he acknowledged some concerns are valid and spoke about them in a recent video.

Fortnite players have mixed feelings about Season 6. On the one hand, disgruntled professional players and their fans voiced their concerns about the “death” of wagers. 

However, it quickly snowballed into a reflection of “the good old days,” which many claimed had come and gone. #RIPFortnite started trending on Twitter, and thousands more joined the fray.

But on the other hand, many others are content with where the game is at. They responded by making waves with a separate #ThankYouEpicGames trend and seemingly won the battle.

Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan shared his thoughts on the issue in a recent video. He even put out a poll to see how people feel about Season 6, which more than 750,000 Fortnite players responded to.

SypherPK Stream Sniper Fortnite
Twitter: SypherPK
If anyone has an opinion on Fortnite Season 6 worth respecting, it’s SypherPK.

“A lot of people are going crazy on social media about the game right now and saying that this season sucks. Especially competitive players,” he said “ 

“Over 750,000 people voted on [my] poll in the community tab. 46% of the people who voted said it’s good, 19% said it’s okay, 12% said it’s not the best, 15% said it’s the worst season, and 9% said it’s the best season.”

He went on to share his own thoughts, saying, “I think the season right now is not horrible, especially from a content perspective. It’s really fun.”

However, he also acknowledged “there are some very valid concerns” in the competitive scene. 

 “I do understand why some of these competitive players feel like the game is declining. [But] the season has only been out for ten days. I think it’s a little too soon to say RIP Fortnite. Epic could do some… changes to make competitive [players] feel like they have the attention they deserve.”

He believes this could happen in the form of “a major nerf or change the primal shotgun.”

Although he believes some criticism and concern are warranted in the competitive scene, SypherPK is comfortable with Fortnite Season 6.

Epic Games hasn’t responded to the #RIPFortnite trend and probably won’t.

But they’ll certainly keep their eyes peeled and take any constructive criticism on board in their next patch.

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