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Simple Fortnite trick is a perfect way to stop cheaters

Published: 29/Jul/2021 11:13

by James Busby


While cheating may not be as rampant in Fortnite as other battle royale titles, there are still times where certain players ruin the game for others. However, one Fortnite player wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

Like most competitive battle royale games, Fortnite is occasionally ruined by those that exploit the game to get an unfair advantage. One of the most common offenders in Fortnite’s solo mode is teaming – a method that sees players colluding with their enemy to gain an advantage. 

While teaming may not be as abhorrent as wallhacks and aimbot, it still greatly impacts the balance of the game. After all, fighting two opponents in a solo lobby can prove extremely tricky for even the best players. 


Well, one crafty Fortnite fan found the perfect way to eliminate two cheaters in the final round without ever being spotted. 

Fortnite Season 3 cars driving through the map
Epic Games
Fortnite cars can often come in handy.

After securing a place within the final three, Plixelz quickly found that the last two players were teaming up with one another. The cheating duo was clearly agitated as they desperately scoured the circle for any signs of life. 

Fortunately, Plixelz had driven into the circle just before the duo’s arrival. Instead of getting out of the car, the crafty Fortnite player simply waited for the perfect opportunity to pounce. Once both cheaters passed his vehicle, Plixelz quickly hopped out of the vehicle and launched a well-aimed rocket towards one of the players. 


After instantly eliminating one of his opponents, he proceeded to enter the vehicle once again. The surviving cheater was still completely oblivious to where Plixelz was hiding, making the outcome even more comical. 

Instead of taking cover, the remaining cheater runs back over to his fallen squadmate’s location, which instantly sees them on the receiving end of another explosive blast. Plixelz instantly secured a well-earned Victory Royale, proving that even cheaters can be outplayed if you’re willing to get creative.