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Shroud urges Fortnite to split controller and mouse & keyboard players

Published: 5/Jun/2020 17:33 Updated: 5/Jun/2020 17:34

by Jacob Hale


Popular Mixer streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has thrown his thoughts into the mix in regards to the ever-growing aim assist debate in Fortnite.

After Fortnite was initially launched, the top players all played on PC with a mouse and keyboard but, at some point, controller players started migrating from their consoles, and problems started to arise.

Before long, mouse and keyboard players found that aim assist was getting too much for them, and ever since, the debate over whether aim assist or controller players should even be allowed to play against mouse & keyboard has thrived.

Epic Games
Fortnite Season 3 is fast approaching, but it doesn’t look like shroud has much interest in playing.

While Shroud has discussed aim assist and its issues briefly in the past, especially as it pertains to Apex Legends and Warzone, but he rarely speaks out about Fortnite, which is really where the issue spawns from.

Now, though, he’s discussed the recent changes to aim assist made in the v12.61 Fortnite patch and set his side.

“It’s really simple what the issue with aim assist is,” he said during a livestream. “Every single player that is competing for money has the right to complain. They’re totally in the right to be mad.”

He went on: “There’s advantages to both mouse & keyboard and controller. The fact that there’s an advantage in controller to mouse & keyboard, and the other way around, makes no sense that it’s even in place to happen to have any sort of competition for money.”

“The whole point of competition is fair play. Competitive integrity. Because they both have their pros and cons, they shouldn’t exist in the same world.”

Shroud goes on to say that “there’s no way anyone can argue against” what he’s said, and the idea of splitting the two inputs has been discussed plenty of times within the community.

Whether or not this is something Epic ever actually implement in Fortnite is hard to say. The game has always been based around accessibility for everyone, and they’ve not made any drastic changes based on aim assist complaints, so it’s hard to tell whether they’ll do anything major now.

Regardless, the debate rages on and it may never truly die until players are separated – which, ironically, is exactly what shroud thinks should happen.


Tfue is still trying to get Hamlinz to finally make his Twitch return

Published: 19/Nov/2020 5:28

by Andrew Amos


Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin was once one of the Kings of Twitch when Fortnite was taking off. However, the TSM star has fallen off the radar in the last 12 months. Fans are still holding out hope for his return though, and even Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is trying to push him back live.

Hamlinz and Tfue were at the top of Fortnite together back in 2018 and 2019. They duo’d numerous times, and their fanbases were heavily intertwined.

However, Tfue has gone on to bigger and better things, but Hamlinz has fallen off the radar. He hasn’t streamed in over six months, and it seems like the community is antsy for the “30 minute a month” streamer’s return.

TSM Hamlinz Social Media Silence
TSM Hamlinz
Hamlinz hasn’t streamed since March 2020, but his fans are trying to change that.

Tfue shared a conversation he recently had with Hamlinz on Twitter, with a few comments trying to nudge the TSM streamer to return to the platform.

“Bro you forgot to end your stream. I don’t know if you meant to,” Hamlinz said to Tfue after his November 17 broadcast.

Tfue came back with a tongue-in-cheek comment, but one that resonated with a lot of people in the Twitch community. “Bro you forgot to start yours,” he said in reply.

It comes after the Twitch community continues to rally behind Hamlinz to make his return to the platform. Hamlinz last streamed on March 17, 2020 ⁠— over six months ago. In the last 12 months, he has streamed a total of 105 hours ⁠— a far cry from numbers he was pulling in 2018.

While he was averaging over 10,000 viewers right up until the end, Hamlinz’s disappearance has worried fans. He hasn’t just been inactive on Twitch, but also across social media, Hamlinz has very rarely posted.

However, there is a chance that the TSM star could be returning to streaming. Hamlinz said in an October 26 tweet he was “feeling like [himself again].”

The streamer took some time off across 2019 to deal with personal issues. He was suffering health issues earlier in the year, and then his grandfather passed away later in the year. His grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I needed some time by myself to rekindle, get my thoughts together, and get myself together, because I’ve never lost anyone close,” he told fans in October.

While Hamlinz hasn’t locked in a return stream date yet, his fans are hoping it’ll be just around the corner. Better yet, he could come back alongside his old duo Daequan, and live it up like its the early days of Fortnite all over again.

That’s sure to get the fans excited again, if it ever ends up happening.