Shopping Carts Disabled in Fortnite Following V.4.4 Update

Mike Kent

If you’re wondering why you can’t find a Shopping Cart on Fortnite, don’t worry, it’s a game wide problem.

The decision to add vehicles into Fornite’s Battle Royale mode was done cautiously with the advent of the Shopping Cart.

Allowing a player to push his teammate across the map and build up speed when going down hill, the relatively inoffensive item was well received by the Fortnite community.

Content creators have had particular fun with the vehicle as it allows for a bit of showboating, alongside allowing players to reach off limit areas of the map, such as Spawn Island.

Unfortunately, despite being a rather fun piece of kit, there have been numerous problems with the Shopping Carts causing major issues with the physics of the game.

Those issues appear to have gone too far with the launch of Update V.4.4, with users reporting multiple problems, including players finding a way under the map.

The official Fortnite Twitter account has confirmed they have been removed from the game on June 11th while they investigate. No time frame has been given when they’re likely to return.