Palworld-like survival shooter comes to Fortnite Creative

Daniel Appleford
Palworld in Fortnite

A Fortnite Creative developer has brought the popular game Palworld to Fortnite through a shooter-survival mode.

Palworld is one of the hottest and fastest-growing games to be released in 2024. It recently surpassed 19 million players with over 12 million downloads on Steam and another 7 million on Xbox.

With Palworld taking over the gaming scene, a Fortnite creator named Tom Jank has made it their mission to bring a taste of Palworld into the third-person shooter through a Creative Island. Fortnite’s Creative has changed how players explore the world by allowing creators to make custom maps, islands, and more.

Fortnite recently announced that they will change the Creative experience by adding an in-game reporting system. This will allow islands with NSFW content to be punished and moderated more accurately.

Palworld comes to Fortnite Creative

Jank used Fortnite dinos to resemble Pals from Palworld, which take a similar form to Pokémon. These dinos come in different colors and will storm the player on the Creative Island. The player’s goal is to shoot the ‘Pals’ and survive as many waves as possible.

Jank wanted to emphasize that the mini-game he is creating is not associated with Palworld. He told Dexerto that he wanted to raise awareness of some of the other Fortnite Creative creators who have been using the title to garner traction for their games.

“Morning Warmup: I wanted to spend the morning learning about IK retargeting and the NPC device,” said Jank. “Very fun! How many dinos do you think you could survive?”

Jank told Dexerto that this will be a mini-game in an upcoming Fortnite experience that he is creating and that a trailer will be published in the first part of February. Until then, fans will have to watch and learn what the new mini-game is all about.