NRG’s Clix promises to mature and ‘set an example’ after Fortnite removes his Creator Code

IG: Clix / Epic Games

NRG Fortnite pro Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod has promised to start “setting an example”, after tweets he posted saw Creative maps in his name removed, as well as having his Creator Code taken away from the Fortnite store. 

At just 16-years-old, Clix has seen him catapulted into stardom thanks to his incredible Fortnite skills. The NRG pro player has accumulated over 1.7 million followers on Twitter, as well as prize money totalling $260,000.

However, he has found himself in hot water because of tweets he posted on May 11.

In response, Epic Games decided to rescind Clix’s Fortnite Creator Code, as well as remove all Creative maps designed in his name.

Clix mapNRG Esports
Clix saw his Creator Code and Creative maps removed for the tweets.

While he previously expressed his disappointment, he has pledged himself to “set an example” from now on because of his huge following, many of whom will be younger than he is.

In a May 16 tweet, he said: “Gonna start being more mature on stream & all social media platforms. Learned a huge lesson about the creator code stuff, I just love f**king around and being myself but with the huge community I have, I need [to] start setting an example.”

In a follow-up post, he commented that he is not seeking to “fake” his personality, merely be more sensible and avoid comments that could affect sponsorships or Epic Games themselves.

“I’m gonna still be myself, I’m not letting anyone change me or make me fake my personality,” he stated, “[I] just need [to] stop the stupid over-line s**t (tweets that’ll affect contracts/Epic Games etc)”.

Epic Games have not confirmed the length of the removal of his Creative maps or Creator Code, but Clix has suggested that he hopes both will be reinstated in the future.