Clix disappointed after Fortnite removes Creative maps in his name amid creator code drama

Nick Farrell
Clix map
NRG Esports

Prominent NRG Esports player Cody ‘Clix’ Concord is feeling the blowback from Epic Games removing his Creator Code earlier in the week. Now, Epic Games has informed the player of another decision he has had to deal with. 

Support A Creator Codes have been a massive part of content creators’ revenue in Fortnite. Ninja made headlines on May 14, claiming he once made over $5 million USD a month from players using his code within the Fortnite Item Shop.

Now, news surrounding Cody ‘Clix’ Concord has been in the spotlight this week, after his Creator Code was removed. As the prominent professional player has found himself on Epic’s wrong side as of late, and it appears his name is being blacklisted from their Creative Maps too.

Bugha and Clix
Epic Games
Clix has been teaming with Bugha and Bizzle this FNCS

Clix’s Creator Code Removed

On May 13th, Clix revealed on Twitter that Epic Games had stripped him of his Support A Creator Code over a controversial tweet posted on May 11th. The tweet itself was identified as a ‘joke’ by Clix and referred to the usage of laxatives and eating out of the toilet.

Clix no longer has a working Creator Code and has followed up by noting he has not heard any communications from Epic Games regarding the removal of his code.

This is not the first time Clix has posted controversial tweets, as previously he has directed a tweet at Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, calling him a “f**king bald fu**k”.

Creative Maps

On May 15th, Clix followed up with another development. If you are familiar with the Fortnite Creative Featured Maps, you have probably seen one of Clix’s box fight maps within the matchmaking portion of the Creative Hub.

This map has been a staple of the matchmaking feature for quite some time, and Epic is now putting the brakes on Clix’s name being used as the feature name. Clix claims that Epic has reached out to the map creator Pandvil that they have to remove Clix’s name from the map, as it can no longer be featured in Fortnite.

Although Clix did not make the map itself, he hired Pandvil to make this map for players to use within Creative, and now Pandvill must remove his name completely from the map.

This decision comes days after Clix’s code was removed.