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Fortnite Season 6 FNCS semifinals: How to watch, results, dates & times, trios, more

Published: 23/May/2021 16:15 Updated: 23/May/2021 16:59

by Nick Farrell


Competitive Fortnite in Season 6 is coming to a close this season. But, before we get into the Grand Finals of FNCS, we have to determine which trios will qualify for the event! 

Chapter 2 Season 6 will be coming to an end in just a few short weeks, and competitive Fortnite is also gearing down with another season of FNCS underway. Like all FNCS events this year, trios have been the primary game mode and it has yielded some fantastic results.

The FNCS semifinals are now underway and there have been some shocking results worldwide thus. Some household names have failed to qualify for the Grand Finals, and we could be seeing some new names atop the leaderboard.


If you are looking to get up to speed with all the results or watch the action, we have it all for you!

How to watch FNCS Season 6 semifinals: Official stream

There are various ways you can tune into the festivities, there will be players from regions worldwide that will be streaming their direct gameplay. As well, the official Fortnite steam will be live over the weekend, and we’ve included it here for your convenience.

When are the FNCS Semifinals? Full schedule

After a few weeks of qualifiers for teams gunning to make the Semi-Finals this season, Epic has held a week-long break before the semifinals kick off. Now, with just under a week to go until the action gets underway, below are all the times that the FNCS Semi-Finals will begin for each region worldwide.


  • North America East – May 22nd, 2021
    • Heat 1 – 1:00 pm EST – 4:00 pm EST
    • Heat 2 – 5:00 pm EST – 8:00 pm EST
    • Heat 3 – 5:00 pm EST – 8:00 pm EST
  • Europe – May 22nd, 2021
    • Heat 1 – 2:00 pm BST – 5:00 pm BST
    • Heat 2 – 6:00 p.m BST – 9:00 pm BST
    • Heat 3 – 6:00 p.m BST – 9:00 pm BST
  • North America West – May 22nd, 2021
    • Heat 1 – 2:00 pm PST – 5:00 pm PST
    • Heat 2 – 6:00 pm PST – 9:00 pm PST
    • Heat 3 – 6:00 pm PST – 9:00 pm PST
  • Oceanic – May 22nd, 2021
    • Heat 1 – 12:00 am EST – 3:00 am EST
    • Heat 2 – 4:00 am EST – 7:00 am EST
    • Heat 3 – 4:00 am EST – 7:00 am EST
  • Asia – May 22nd, 2021
    • Heat 1 – 12:00 am EST – 3:00 am EST
    • Heat 2 – 4:00 am EST – 7:00 am EST
    • Heat 3 – 4:00 am EST – 7:00 am EST
  • Middle East – May 21st, 2021
    • Heat 1 – 7:00 am EST – 10:00 am EST
    • Heat 2 – 11:00 am EST – 2:00 pm EST
    • Heat 3 – 11:00 am EST – 2:00 pm EST

There is an ample amount for players to watch during the heats but there is also going to be an FNCS Reboot round to determine the final team in each region to qualify for the Grand Finals.

This feature was added several seasons ago, and it has produced some of the best gameplay we have ever seen. As it is one match, where only the winner qualifies for the Grand Finals, making the stakes even higher.

Prize pool

This season FNCS has an increased prize pool compared to last season. Epic calculates the prize pool per region based on the player base within each region, so that is why Europe and North America East have staggering prize pools compared to Oceanic and the Middle East.


  • Europe
    • $1,350,000 USD
  • North America East
    • $690,000 USD
  • North America West
    • $300,000 USD
  • Brazil
    • $300,000 USD
  • Asia
    • $150,000 USD
  • Middle East
    • $120,000 USD
  • Oceanic
    • $90,000 USD


The FNCS semifinals have now been played in multiple regions, and we know a large portion of the teams that are going to be gunning for the main prize. Below is a rundown of all qualified trios for the Grand Finals per region.

fncs results
Epic Games
Benjyfishy failed to qualify for Grand Finals


  • RedRush 123, FL7 xsterioz, and EV Mappi
  • bloomadeal, perceveal zZz, and TomzyV1. siko
  • F9 Marvin,, EsTy, and Not BadSnipR
  • Heretics K1nzell, apeks IDrop 7, and wakie 7
  • MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, and xsweeze.mces
  • Wave Joe, stompyrite, and LootBoy Shadow
  • Grizi 4zr, GUILD TaySon 7, and nayte
  • LootBoy Queasy44, Glоrious TruleX, and Wave Jur3ky
  • zеykoo, BeGenius Sun, and beGenius Jules
  • Hottiе, elokratz, and TRC trippernn
  • AOS Nexxs, scriwy, and fusіоnz
  • CL Sаfik, Siberiajkeе, and CL iRezUmi
  • hycr1s la baguet, vorTexr., and OVA Night
  • Shaykoz., MCES DKS, and GO grayinjo
  • Onyx johku, Monaco Anddone, and exes.jetsku
  • LootBoy Slender, ALOFT Voidd, and wxlfiez
  • MDS.meta, noetic skyzouw, and LOSC XpeR
  • Wave Kikoo 97, NVD Skram, and NaVi Putrick


  • CЕ 2SNgNl, CE fa1zzyy, and CE Jozya
  • xsweeze.cor, Secret champion., and みりむだ
  • KWZ Allen, shamokiy, and CE Force ӝ
  • rаru, GW_Albedo, and GW_Buyuriru
  • ALBAジブ娘プリティーととち〆, GW_Kurara, and ALBA Melоn
  • svl koa, NCRリテイルローのしゅうと, and A2 こよた
  • еverlasting, Washed P1ay2r, and x1now
  • крыса0_о, MRE Walver., and CE ℤötαχ
  • xshinoaxyz, スイッチ勢かげとら, and Avid -o-
  • adam the gamer., fiz the gamer, and zuity the gamer
  • Dеаdman, CCCALBAだん五条悟, and alba rakenset
  • CA.Naoyä, Мenhell, and STRONG HUMАN
  • ALBA Swillium, LCF XXXX, and ごーるでんくれめんす
  • KSGK TS ゆ機, KSGK Pega, and SHINCK ON TOP
  • Reisy 32, LODSTK, and OWM 梵天 佐野万次郎
  • YouTube Hibiki, SVL 猫愛好家れん, and RiaM kyapi
  • demon x., CE Moon, and fcs zuko.
  • Brian2918, rуle ay лол, and The Only Pina
fncs qualified players
Epic Games
Asia has produced some stellar gameplay this FNCS


  • JFT Prhzy, Vоrtexzr, and GLM sunz
  • GLM oreo, chainz onfroy, and IIlIIlIIlIIlIIll
  • repulseszn, HVT Eshz, and raіku
  • kуrо., elusive, and PRDX Fhaqs
  • ɢʟᴍ ꜱᴘɪᴋᴇʀ, Slixnz, and Mako Baily
  • bonaѕ, MG bmp, and GUILD Soaked 7
  • CarriedByJerian, TF Gazer, and CLR Wreckless
  • Movrickzrr, arсtіc, and VRTX Tekmarr
  • ѕynr, fаllеп, and 6S gek
  • upR Xcon, flews ӝ, and SADLА
  • Agent Thrusty, TM Jvano, and MrTassie ӝ
  • GLM Results, GLM Snow, and GLM Precks
  • raptаh, BBG Pumpkin, and Psyper
  • PRDX Oatley, Fresh, and rеl_fn
  • CLR baffy, CLR qeaxzy, and caryion is taken
  • OAHMEDO, Astoh ӝ, and Mammаl
  • Flenny َ, 6s oogway 74, and Mildmolster23
  • PRDX Midnite, Mako Vujcich, and jft celdom

Middle East

  • SCYTES Baloryka, Lezixyka, and Lacat0r 74
  • Bnga ӝ, 01 KaKaRoTyak, and YaLLa QwAy
  • TU Adapteryka, Raedyka, and Snowyka
  • Astra Linjy, Medal zxmbie ӝ, and Arrow STAR.
  • Aziztab, Mjeedyka 76, and vF Deatt
  • Stаyls, et layth ӝ, and FzКL
  • HWR FHD, Eagle Dem0n, and OshTekk Hero
  • 500 FT, NMR Kinq, and NMR 3BoooD
  • SCYTES Flamorsrr, Exploit DOMitr0, and SCYTES Br1ckzl.
  • SCYTES Murloc., SCYTES toggle., and SCYTES NeetloV
  • cLaw Muzz, ET Kazi, and hamzadidntask
  • хJаm, SAQR Hellon, and Deviluссi
  • KINGS FKS, KINGS Metabziz, and SAQR XxXxxXxX
  • OTW Rivoyka, AQ UNR, and Ruffixn
  • AQ Khalood, Ѕkì, and LND Ax3
  • ELC Btray, HwR Nachiiri, and PDG Tax
  • Falcon 19yo, Falcon FHD, and Falcon Yonx
  • Sonic A7med27, Arrow Jounior, and SCYTES stilsоn
fncs images
Epic Games
Who do you think is going to win it all next weekend?

North America East

  • 9LIVES VOIL, XPRT Xccept, Snakereyli
  • TMP codgenesis, XPRT atoms, G2 Coop
  • PaMstou, wCarey, Fаtch
  • Twunti, Sully ﮎ, 7eoLeo
  • Dоlzeur, sIaqzz, b4byB0ss-eAyr0g
  • Nobu Beef, TNG Lupien., TNG NicFN
  • FaZe Megga., Rocаine, FаZe Dubs ϟ
  • JadenShotz., TC NetZz, noob savaje ψ
  • zum 7, TMP HAPPED ψ, TNA STAQI
  • xerx 15, twitter twixiwnl, Chubѕ
  • Felix – -, 4LK Pozed, Sparebow – –
  • XTRA Furiouѕ, Ghоst Blаke, XTRA Illest
  • Nittle, FS casqer, G2 Smqcked
  • Dequented 15, zemobcool, tetrobcool
  • XSET Ceice, Liquid Scopеd, ENDLESS TRAGIX
  • Hornеt, scylix, Adonіs
  • OA Sticks, Chronic Jayѕ, Kn1pher

North America West

  • ketolol, skvdoosh., Paul.Wrld
  • Silly Trix, Pure Mony., Reguletor
  • 5G Bunny, PSR Cliprs, TwitterHealthyFN
  • Pure BatmanBugha, 5G Walay, Devour Sake
  • outcast avail, JAHTER 椰, уutе
  • TRNL TrashyTHD, DemonRosez, XTRA verT
  • xen jagveer, Xen Mojo, ZH22 Solution
  • Demonio Luis, NaBenjyisVanilaz, Apex Cesar
  • XTRA caleb, XTRA Tautai, TRNL Wheels
  • Apex Glowie, Apex Hitmarker, Apex Foreswear
  • s m o q, finance eggroll, eclipse言
  • SlayaNF, ZH22 Zehlo, mse -iwnl-
  • AE Carnage, Jаrritоѕ, ZH22 Aiden
  • Assault Baccada, 5G LIL TAPER, XTRA MIDDADDY
  • 5G JADENNX, jеevan, PSR Nico
  • ZD SIDLAHψ, Apex Mateoψ, pure munk
  • SetTheMudio, Sirbrian-YT, HWBT Phntm
  • bluzro, 5G Nigel, Balanced Nani


  • Liquid Pulga, Suetam ., AG1RRЕ
  • KG dott1, nw9 xeat ӝ, Scarpagraal
  • rustyachelfg, Tecne 7ム, Æ fazeryachelfg
  • washington l2, ndр, VillaMix origins
  • TRIBE thz1n, Gabrielh99 L2 L2, technoviking46
  • Freecss Dio, RomeroPDF, 9z Randu
  • pina ム, mɑster, EG Digai
  • BrYANNftn, Soаres, Nuti 200
  • Losted BOMBA, Fаwkesㅤ, Chagaslfg
  • DEMONFISHYEY, Nahue507., SankuWhale
  • Lazer Pai, Ngolo Alante, Granjero 247
  • Frosтy7, SNG digød, моjаk ӝ
  • ABT pinatake, C9 blackoutz, ABT Pattaty ϟ
  • kwxу, texzard 200, Dudu 200 SHEEESH
  • KauaEY ӝ, Dioguinho200, 203 SHEEESH
  • Davascotyghjnf, zaснzıиии, NRG Hardin
  • eRa Clipnode, Ꮆustyx, rоbоtt ӝ

FNCS Reboot Round schedule

This best-of-one match takes the trios placing 17th-7th in each region and pits them against each other in a winner takes all format.

fncs pickaxe
Epic Games
The elusive FNCS Pickaxe is awarded to each regions winners!

You are not going to want to miss the FNCS Reboot Round, and it is going to take place during the following times for each region.

  • North America East – May 23rd, 2021
    • 5:00 pm EST
  • Europe – May 23rd, 2021
    • 6:00 pm BST
  • North America West – May 23rd, 2021
    • 2:00 pm PST
  • Oceanic – May 23rd, 2021
    • 4:00 am EST
  • Asia – May 23rd, 2021
    • 4:00 am EST
  • Middle East – May 22nd, 2021
    • 11:00 pm EST

FNCS Reboot qualified players

Since multiple regions have now concluded their heats, we have a good understanding of the trios that will be taking part in the last chance qualifier for Grand Finals. As noted above, teams placing 7th-17th will be duking it out tomorrow to see who comes out on top.


Below is a list of all qualified teams for tomorrow’s FNCS Reboot round.


  • KCorp Wanlast, MCES PodaSaï, Solary EMXXRR ӝ
  • EIQ Wraxx, EP Hutyreyli ӝ, EP minnymok
  • TT9 Malibuca, TCE sнizok1nG -, TT9 Mayhem
  • zq 父, Grizi Robabz, lеo ӝ
  • stena., reyed up, NdGG Robbabkebab
  • DREAM Stasiowyy, synxx -, rcy paxxyen.
  • Flames Erik 7, LMNX wishi washy, OVA Flyy
  • bagfi ォ, Zeston ォ, Lootboy Hijoe ォ
  • Atlantic Planez, dуrvig, Atlantic Crown
  • FNX Artskill ӝ, beGenius Zecq, Exalty IcE
  • Voltage LeMuFN, VALIFY Pixel, st4x .
  • BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR teeq
  • cvrby9, Kartun 7, sheeeeeeesh amk
  • Vitаlity Airwaks, TrainH Skite, Vatо
  • ALOFT Diablo ӝ, Wave Flecken, bayonlfg
  • lorulfg, Xypher NeFrizi, 13keNNyo
  • RAK Swight マ, castery YEAHHHHH, PRM Vortexers マ
  • TRICKED Caspersa, Zh1ny, Fickzi
  • Roјo, McDaBeast1, Onyx Connor
  • Evz FORK, eQz Jimke, Sharp Chico
  • broken babongas, Mv3 JoYe 74, Micha 74
  • Monaco Kiraah, PSYCHO Maestro7, TT9 Serhat
  • Lnuef, BL SliX, GAMMA Merijn
  • F1rstk0bra, Didzzz_, Rz Couscous ӝ
  • Homyno ewen, WYZIP, b1acky.BDS
  • DREAM J4chu, PG Kefyy, Centric Kubx
  • Lootboy mexe, МIСНАЕL, VEROХ
  • Apeks Krizzii, BL Raifla, EP SAEVID ӝ
  • Athletix FlyZ, FNX Frozen, Mayzen Pro-Jäger
  • CL l1nk さくら, CL Rotory., XIV moshelele
  • JrgeQ, Hеretics Nаkoo, D A A N.
  • Centric Snagged7, heretics packo メ, Wave Steеlix
  • uu Mega Mind, TiltedTryharder, SebPloug


  • ALBAひろ, Ruiサナ, Liberta ペぽ
  • Secret PlixxxMvP, Secret ponta, Secret すず
  • T1 SinOoh 666, T1 Envyreyli ӝ, SVN Asudfishy.
  • FCS 覚醒たけぞーch, FCS.ヒート落ちたら引退, daddy Hotate7
  • にちゃAim, SG4 銀河のmikufo, mshhram
  • OWM まいぽり, OWM ぽて, 日本生まれジャパニーズ育ち
  • Łulu., fnmob, gyenfn
  • DELTА Syamu, FA たかちゃん, CR スカっとスカスカ
  • しゅう豆だ, aura nago, scś.
  • fancy Melonx10, NXS.sᴘᴀllᴏᴡ, OWM えりーとまー
  • 189PumpsForYou, 200PumpsForYou, 30PumpsForYou
  • Misty Aim, T1 Quickss 20, imBackhou
  • TRG.A2Jr.しふぉん, FA あお, SE かわE 美少女 T
  • Panda 23., Heart しにかる, BOBY 梅雨
  • amrsスぺキンtrg, FOCUS Jedi 74, ヒカキンさん大好きごま反省してる
  • FLK 吉男DOPENESS., FLK ぺにぺにDOPENESS, かるねじじぃ
  • ィケボくんっっ, 4ce daibou, Ac てぃあのすけ 鮭
  • SG4 Moka, Hrt.かみすけ A win., SG4 asahi
  • ZRG NEiGö, ZRG imariö, ZRG Neǃm ö
  • My あんじⒶcrr, My さとし aqau, My みーにゃKylix
  • MONKEY.G.SULZY, YOUTH.スイッチ勢のサルジー, YOUTH.なかやまきんに君
  • HVN Flax, GSK.daria, ix7 Kuranとdokn
  • siriusのおち〇ぽjr, srg jett即ピsry, ix7.めんへらしーふぁ
  • Liberta Maluuu, GL bykn, ALBA Jaemon.
  • ASF ぷらちな, NEXUS.しふぉん MLD, ASF みんくんです
  • ХTRA Reeteyy, Tpyerfrog, ALBA Flot0r
  • ASF あめ, COR なぽ, uk1cya 7
  • SPT ぜにがめ, rehx spt, SPT Henth
  • Aile9 NqRu, DELTA.プロ狩りのおにぎり, DELTA たっとYouTube
  • MRE Toxxen, Hypro Wrongful, ASF Frenzy.
  • nosh_jp, 2021年TVオリーブオイル定食, Frelya res coop
  • CashKing Rialy, CashKing Macy, CashKing Bob
  • SE がんばれみぃ, Youtube銀河のmokozu, ALBA いぐる
fncs images
Epic Games
Have you claimed your Twitch drops for this FNCS?


  • MG DISTRICT, Bаntis, gusos.
  • PSR pud, PSR trix, PSR jed
  • doom want roshan, rhyzah, 6S Cyrex
  • TTVTalonTheGoat, jedinite, Toyswag
  • Solace Kimba, pulsivrr, Hypro Fusion
  • cazireyli, ghost trаpped, spy 5
  • Twitter Kyaqfn, dummy grizzo, Guandi
  • twitter rochehfn, m0untаin, kxunaiXX
  • VNR Mesport, VNR sol, Ice φ
  • JFT Chris, JFT Daresome, JFT Jawsh
  • nio ӝ, fabbywabby., Кeemo
  • SFR Furxy, VNR Willah, SFR arken
  • KeloAU, jаma1, sf kyoto
  • FURY Remi, pace〆, durry muncherr
  • MG Frapzy, MOXZIE ., Queen Owns Me
  • CLR jesus, TF Chillisauce, Xx_OCEdestroy_xX
  • Shaggyャ, piri smells, pіrі
  • TF excile, ENDL8SS DANZYI, Vnr Swift
  • Voked The Tarper, They love kiba, jrdd narutekic
  • 6S Hera, papi helu, stxzza
  • VNR Gobxii, 6S Unforged, 637 Nurfed
  • jzmxe, Twitter Sahoce, VLT kal
  • Ghost Zаrbу, Noknes, PRDX Lazy
  • top famous cryp, jаhlyn, overt phluxzy
  • JFT Maw, HVT Apples, MG verysorrey
  • cryptоn,, tm aspect
  • PYXL Punkeyy, TOOLAH 879, wavycuts
  • TF Fitz, Dizyy., SFR Darkness
  • calеbb, distanttttttt, Mooteeа
  • VNR Infusion, 6S Rainxy, yicza
  • Maihaze, synxkfishy, Twitter KSlayah
  • GLM DANATH, GLM osiris., FURY skits
  • JFT Astaria 〆, JFT Skixx 〆, JFT Edshot.

Middle East

  • 20 KinG., Error Mshardeyy, CL PEKGL.
  • Digger Naif, Digger Python, Digger GRM
  • cаsh cup warrior, Digger KASPR, astra sweatykun
  • 20 RAQY, Hawk Kroger27, MSH 98
  • Rakan Fo, Epik3z, Suły
  • Son 98, FuRy 98., Kodex7.
  • Saud iwnl -a-, POWER GntL, РOWER LIQUID
  • Blaz3it ., TFR Marco, Twitter Pyrkke
  • Мaхimus, Exploit Salman, KINGS xzxzxzxzx
  • BQ Atari, KINGS P5EK, hiipertoz
  • ELC BlazeX, Sonic 3mory 父, Medal Bleed
  • YaLLa Opezor, Arrow Rico 76, Arrow LORD
  • Psychotix YT, Clarity Soul, CL Mxhib
  • MrLowrenc, TU be_LiKeWaTeR, RamadanYT
  • Eagle DRaFTell, NMR TooKE 2.0, Sonic Naif
  • SCORPION BH, Zorn Zoldyck, Darkzcrr
  • VF RoZO, Error Feknbtw, ba7rb
  • Wreckreyli ӝ, 3del 7, IMXシ
  • Rаmpage., 20 Rv, А7mdo
  • Arrow NMR, 500 Yo3an, Clarity Rainer
  • Hawk DemonJolo, DOOMAH ӝ, y7soon
  • Goliath Travis, Bravado Neymar, Bravado woke
  • 20 Faisal, BQ Kero, VL RdLz
  • Arrow Beamero, Sonic SBHyka, Arrow fqn76
  • lozer_lozer, SCYTES FARES., BrookVakss
  • Lunatic 3jmy, VL Kard, vF abod
  • Astra Yuki 07, VL Speed, VL Blackness
  • Blind1x, KINGS LORDUID, Kubardeyy
  • ᴰᵀ xSatixs, Mﱞatthew, ᴰᵀRKNPARS
  • LND MKQi, Swift Faris, Eagle X 89
  • 500 RealPro, TY_Koedr, Digger Fire
  • Zeeom, Medal Cigol, HwR Esca
fncs results
Epic Games
All is on the line during today’s FNCS Reboot Round

North America East

  • zcoderr, Peterbot ., Cartoon Paul
  • summreyli, ENDLESS Legedien, 4LK spex
  • cripstreetCRUSTY, TIEKKO THE LIGHT, Kippits
  • FS notpandda, STO, tuexy
  • 9LIVES Crumble, KNG Nexy, Marzz_Ow
  • DeRoller., BBG Ajay, TMP vyx
  • Рrеdator, AKA SquishGGs, AKA Playify YT
  • VCGO Paris, psdо, Insight demonyx
  • Speguu, Gоkﱞu, strawhat charlie
  • kwаh, Elite Neeqo, 24 PAPER
  • cloudy -α-, Klass ӝ, susboy Ȣƻ
  • SEN ZYFA 地, TNG Eclipsae, 9LIVES Lazar
  • AKA Swaysuo yt, Evasion., BK Crown Loadist
  • chewyム, Donieereyli, XPRT Magnolia7
  • Castle Bread, ENG Cashew, ENG hctans
  • cerbs., рub., vantam.
  • doh2c, ENG CRXSPY, Vaghue
  • Aperta_, sparkgkky, Aminished
  • brewgha, OUTCAST FADED 〆, turtss ム
  • Balanced Nevify, lyejax, JaxenJ.
  • elite gabeski, 9LIVES Tahi, sprite dabdabdab
  • MSF Cplіtt, 4LK Smite, XPRT Strafes
  • hofпеr, TFC dankline, Twitch Cobolt
  • Avivv Yt, Zûky, lеo2swaggy
  • XPRT OSP7, LG Joji, BBG Calc
  • OwlFN, chaоtic, ѕtrep
  • SEN Animal, SEN HighSky, XSET Av
  • TNG Dxrant, TRNL Trap, TNG Nani yt
  • yuz 父, AKA CJR, AKA RwR YT
  • Ozirvo., Gandhi dabdabdab, XPRT EtFopVine
  • cizIucky, nounzy7, Shaedess
  • Young.Hagzen, young militedgey, chepiix

North America West

  • NorCal Prollo, ZH22 karp, MooseGGs on yt
  • chunkymonkey044, coolguy 31, Bdawg 04
  • Insight Triggy, Assault Xayrez, 5G Goon
  • FG Otso, Youtube Knzo, FG JasBlank
  • 5G Mangos, kаboo, PSR pelican
  • Phoba the Pooh, apex zilla, Honor Vehhl
  • DеpX, YASIRMON, Shіfu.
  • gaberaaldad96, gaberaal, Mystiez
  • Ðz Parrazek, 1st Andy Verga, Holly Stepsh
  • FG jibba, skiеs ., beqome
  • oj〆, devour evol, DL Buzzo
  • CLG symetrical, 5G KADENOX, TurtleTavern
  • g0dku, apex cuh., NorCal fecoy
  • 5G WAVE., DL Kewl, old man cooper
  • ENG Baboon96, Lone1x, Combxe on ig
  • LKS Bizzie, Rvn CluTcHz, YSF Smuq
  • Dream Coolsito, Dream Nyze, Cruelty Confi
  • tоmu, Rice 9, joosh123730913
  • FG Beasty, FG Summy, FG Flixqzy
  • Timbers Raul247, Robinz hood., Chicken._.XD
  • 4PF Dragon, Inreversable, Junаh
  • amρ., July7k, 5G Zoluc
  • CZRxTV, breaduh, 5G Crmzn
  • pure r4ysSyar, Rimuru TB 20, Millim TB 20
  • RG Luka, Timbers Halcon, 4ʟᴋ Lucks Out
  • Bupkis BH Ggeez, spideyy, Bupkis BH Venor
  • adambae8, chronic cozz, 4DRStorm.
  • 1Hockle, FIRST Angеl, 33 Weston
  • MERK Compalomp, psr zorion llz, MERK Chucky
  • Delirium Ruben, TRNL exe7, beckbaefy8
  • 5G Rek, Assault Jackal, Assault Javior
  • Flawѕ, Lucas is bad., Gur Everdeen
  • Xen Beast δ, 5G Feared, 5G mitoo


  • Barreto. ӝ, HDL Ninja, shoks russo mode
  • Tisco ., akla iwnl, F4T EKKO7z
  • bestv2_, TeKagraal, SATIS portuga
  • Liimaaeeteyy, lukszf ӝ, AXE VILTRUMITA
  • nikti mt quente, eduzz mt frio, nathes mt quente
  • cG Lzk, wizeira, wiz ӝ
  • Pupi The Beast, Cyanic Lewa, NRG coxonfishy
  • JUNIORRGGG ӝ, skippyawesomer, xLuchi7
  • Wolves Slurpy, iResT Dexus, Wolves Gaяs
  • NRG Guuh, HaZe Lucass, BRᅠVitinho
  • Аnzy, cautro fé, zkzkzkzkzk
  • Lulu tri nask, eRa mst 74, spаcyx
  • sиonspampiumpium, Tiаgoor, Hero Brunão
  • TRIBE OPai, SRN Phzin, gsx -s-
  • lauchayritelfg, TCE cocak1ng, Tekkа
  • ST Brigsz マ, twitter Baufran2, Naiky ӝ
  • TAC Mati Scott, Tоmica, PiИO24K
  • ARC Weliaz, Ng3 – LurkerTOP1, Ng3 – Kuro ψ
  • bananita さくら, trueno〆, Avilіn
  • 144yache, Lucobøy, oBt luks
  • VcL pinguflex666, eU Pasquarelli, NW9 manocaki
  • oBt smuuth, tomi204 个, рaттaтa
  • eRa KBR -ɢ-, 9z Barella1x, TRNL bediN200
  • ceron lvl 20, Gabzera7, HiT Irikura9x
  • wisheydp, X8 PIECE NADA1x, mxrcio ӝ
  • Lazer 17SP, ZZZZZZZZᏃZ9, rusolfg
  • HMB ӝ, Filipe Einstein, Barroso Catatau.
  • Ветa, PLY halk, DS w4k
  • New edson maloka, zecorsa cirilo, SATIS TheFeloz ϟ
  • GD Fofin, guiмa, ARC corozin
  • The Refletz, DEMONSCHABA, cG Hugody
  • TCE Lucasg ӝ, juanzin gаucho, KALlFA PLS

There have been some amazing gameplay and surprising results thus far, and we cannot wait to see more action today.

Another note to keep in mind is that some trios have already qualified for the Grand Finals through the heats that have been taking place over the duration of the last month!