Ninja mocks “dumb” Fortnite players after being taunted by stream sniper

Bill Cooney

World-famous streamer Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins lost his cool during a recent Fortnite stream after he was knocked out by opponents he claimed weren’t playing fair.

Ninja hasn’t been shy with feelings about stream snipers, who are people that watch a stream of a game while playing it at the same time to get an idea of where their opponent, or person they want to target, is.

During a match with three other streamers including Timothy ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar, Ninja went off on his opponents, who he was convinced were kids trying to get their 5 seconds of fame on his channel.

Ninja may have his own skin in Fortnite, but stream snipers are one of his biggest problems with the game.

During the round Ninja was knocked out by a squad that was apparently hiding and waiting just for him, and one of them even did a quick “Take the L” on top of his body.

After this blatant disrespect, Ninja implored his last remaining teammate to avenge him when they ran into the same squad again.

“Reverse, I need you to literally try harder than you’ve ever tried in your life,” he told his squadmate, before they knocked out the same player that had dance over Ninja. “What’s up little b*tch? Oh what’s up, hello loot. Thanks for the mats kid, you’re f*cking trash.”

But Reverse2k wasn’t even close to done with this match yet, and Ninja even provided commentary from the mocking point of view of the supposed “kids” his teammate was systematically destroying.

“Bro, controller aim is so OP dude,” Ninja said in a mocking voice. “He keeps head shotting me, this guys clearly on controller bro.”

After his teammate pulled off the impressive W, the streamer had some final words for the player that had knocked him out at the beginning of the round.

“Hey dumb, pink, stupid ass Ghoul Trooper who sits in a bush and took an L on me baby,” Blevins told the supposed stream sniper, who he was sure was still tuned in. “Hey, thanks for that crispy dub homie.”


Ninja’s nemesis was none other than an annoying pink Ghoul Trooper.

Even though Ninja obviously wasn’t too pleased about being knocked out by a stream sniper, the round did give him and his viewers a little bit of entertainment and payback at least.