Possible new Fortnite building material leaked for Season 2

Fortnite gold building materialEpic Games

As we approach Fortnite Chapter 2’s second season, players are theorizing about what the future holds, and some are suggesting Epic could introduce a new building material.

Since the dawn of Fortnite, players have been using three different types of building materials – wood, brick, and metal.

There hasn’t ever been much of a reason for the developers to add any additional options, but that hasn’t stopped fans from thinking it’s happening.

Epic Games
Metal might not be the strongest material in Season 2.

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On February 5, Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi noted that something strange was going on behind the scenes in the files.

While he didn’t have a ton of information, he did reveal a selection of gold objects that could end up hinting towards something bigger, perhaps even a new material entirely.

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Fortnite does have a “Solid Gold” LTM that makes all of the guns Legendary, but it has nothing to do with objects on the map, so it seems like that can be ruled out as a possibility.

That has led many player to believe Epic plans on introducing a brand-new gold building material into the mix in Season 2. The start of a season always brings a variety of changes, so that would be the best time to introduce anything new.

fortnite wall phasing bug search and destroy changeEpic Games
Move over, brick. There’s a new sheriff in town.

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By doing so at this time, it would also give players some more time to adjust to a new meta before the next season of the Fortnite Champion Series begins.

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Introducing a fourth building material doesn’t seem like it’d be too groundbreaking of a change, but there would need to be some sort of grace period to let players get the hang of things.

fortnite player running through wallEpic Games
Wood now might have yet another material better than it.

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If this does end up happening, that would likely mean gold would become the most durable material in the game. If gold can only be farmed from specific objects like the ones we saw in Lucas7yoshi’s tweet, then it would quickly become a rare and valuable commodity.

Season 1 ends on February 20 and we can likely expect the second season to begin around the same time, so if this change is coming, it’ll be arriving very soon.

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