Ninja explains why he misses the original Fortnite map

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As Fortnite players have their eyes set towards Chapter 2’s second season, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins explains why he still misses the original map.

Season 2 begins on February 20, and it will presumably continue to build off the new map that was introduced with Chapter 2.

However, many longtime players hold the original Fortnite map close to their hearts. This is the case in many games, as we see the same thing in Apex Legends with Kings Canyon.

Mixer: NinjaNinja
Ninja misses a lot of things about the old map.

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Ninja was one of the first major streamers to make the jump over to Fortnite when it first released, so he has a lot of fond memories of the game.

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Before the launch of the new season, the streamer took viewers back to the beginning and explained what he liked so much about the previous map.

Epic GamesEpic Games
Neo Tilted Towers was the last iteration of the popular location.

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“I think there’s so many beautiful things about the first map that a lot of you want back,” he said, before singling out Tilted Towers. “I mean, like Tilted. Tilted, all the buildings, just everything from first entire chapter, man. I miss so much of it.”

When Fortnite first released its battle royale mode, Tilted didn’t even exist, but was instead added as a location in Season 3.

After talking about the events Epic put on, like the crossovers with Borderlands and Batman, Ninja explained it was “so jarring” to be given a basic map again.

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(Quotes begin at 0:13)

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“We kind of forget all of the beautiful things that happened in the first map, like dude, like the cube,” he said.

The cube is, of course, in reference to the giant block, lovingly nicknamed Kevin, that made its way across the map over the course of several seasons.

In Chapter 2, Kevin lives on in Steamy Stacks as a power source called Kevolution Energy.

Epic GamesEpic Games
Kevin the Cube had many forms.

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With all this said, the beginning of a new season is always an exciting time in Fortnite, so we’ll have to wait and see what the developers have up their sleeves.

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Perhaps they’ll be able to get players to become as fond as the new map as they are the old one.