Second Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 teaser continues golden theme

David Purcell
Epic Games

Gold seems to be the color in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 as a new teaser for the game’s next major update has been revealed. 

Epic Games have delayed the arrival of the game’s second season not once, but twice, with the end date of Season 1 currently February 20.

With just days until patch v11.50 really gets underway, players have been noticing some slight changes to the map when dropping from the Battle Bus, with a number of gold features appearing in specific locations – leading some to believe a new material might be introduced soon.

The current crop of mats include wood, brick and metal. It’s been that way since the game first launched back in 2017, although many fans are now expecting gold to be added to that list.

Well, on February 17, Epic Games decided to finally reveal a couple more looks at gold in Season 2, dropping a new teaser to social media that may answer a few questions.

The release date is also confirmed by the graphic, with the first line saying “Transmission Intercepted,” while the rest are blacked out.

A second teaser later in the day revealed the next line: “FN.CH02.S02.”

They didn’t stop there as a third and fourth teaser was also released, uncovering more of the redacted info and putting the mask together.

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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 clues – What’s been found so far?

The teaser looks like Chaos Agent’s mask

The mask, when it’s fully put together, closely resembles the Chaos Agent skin from Season X. Ep

This was part of the Final Reckoning bundle and when the game switched over to Chapter 2, players quickly forgot about it. Perhaps this character could play a role in next season.

Gold materials

Before the release of this teaser, there had been a number of clues found across the Fortnite world and also in real life.

First of all, there was a leak that suggested gold could be the next material, which was teased even further when different pieces of furniture in selected houses started to change color.

The golden versions are much harder to break down, with many players saying they’re pretty much impossible to break – unless you want to swing your pickaxe at it for an eternity.

Epic Games
Gold furniture has appeared in Season 1, but will we find out why in Season 2?

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Secret message

Away from the world inside the video game, including leaks that come with it, was a real-life teaser that was discovered in Tokyo, Japan. The image showed a gold handprint printed over the Fortnite logo, with a phone number visible.

Since that was found, many members of the game’s community have tried calling the number as well and there’s a secret message to be heard. It says: “Yes sir. The agents were called. Card to access the safe purchased.”

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This was followed up by the official Twitter account for Fortnite changing their header to the gold handprint as well, which would suggest the theme for the next season may be centered around the gold material leaked previously.

Whether or not gold will prove to be a complete game-changer or just a subtle tweak to gameplay in Season 2 remains to be seen, but all of the teasers released so far will keep Fortnite fans guessing either way.