Ninja and SypherPK reveal how to remove bloom in Fortnite

by Alan Bernal
Ninja / Epic Games


Streaming stars Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins and Ali 'SypherPK' Hassan found a method that essentially negates the bloom in Fortnite, which makes a gun’s bullet spread expand off-target.

Fortnite's bloom can make or break a gunfight. When builds are growing and the fight gets even faster to the eye, players need to be taking advantage of those rare openings they get on an opponent.

But even Ninja was dumbfounded to find how easy it was to basically get rid of the fire-effect, letting him spray down a mid-ranged opponent with a flurry of accurate bullets.

Epic Games
Fornite's bloom makes gunfire messy after a few shots.


Loading into the practice mode with Sypher, Ninja was testing out two different methods of firing an SMG. One method used the mouse and keyboard (KBM) that he regularly plays with: the other was a controller he'd hooked up to his computer.

“No joke, I’m going to go a little hybrid bro,” Ninja quipped. “Just give me the controller.”

The first attempt was with his native KBM, which wasn’t much different from his regular games. He’d shoot at Sypher and the bloom would take the spray up and over the player’s head.


Instinctively, Ninja would correct his aim as it flew over his model, so for the next spray, he didn’t control it to show how it would fly away.

“[The bloom] was going all up and down,” Ninja said. “It’s recoiling all over the place with my mouse and keyboard.”

Next, he switched over to the controller he had plugged into his PC. That’s where the difference in bloom and the hassle to control it dwindled almost instantly.

Ninja Mixer
Ninja was visibly in disbelief at the bloom difference after switching over to a controller from KBM.


To note, aim-assist on controllers has been a touchy topic between those who care to pay it attention; but this instance showed how bloom in Fortnite can be almost non-existent by simply picking up a controller.

The streamer was speechless at the difference. When Sypher suggested if the Fortnite devs should just make that bloom standard on KBM, Ninja thought it “was a great start” to balance out the two playing methods.

While there are advantages to both styles of play, the streamers' were surprised to see such a stark contrast in Fortnite's bloom since one method nullifies its effect further contributing to the ongoing debate between controller and KBM users.