Tfue mind blown as Fortnite 'ghost bullets' cost him eliminations

by Jacob Hale
Twitch: tfue


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was left baffled while playing in an intense Fortnite match with duo Scoped, as his shots seemed to not register, despite appearing clearly on target.

Fortnite is no stranger to bizarre bugs and weird occurrences, but generally, these things get fixed pretty quickly by developers at Epic Games, so it’s not often something to be too concerned about.

However, when you’re competing for money, it’s a different story, and this bug could have completely ruined Tfue’s match if things were a little different – and bugs affecting Tfue are always bound to cause a stir.

Epic Games
Despite Epic regularly adding new places and features to Fortnite, it's disappointing when some of the basics fail.


While playing in some duo scrims with Scoped in preparation for the FNCS finals, the duo had an impressive high-ground position to have good visibility on their enemies while remaining protected, but it didn’t quite work out exactly as intended.

Loaded to the brim with small bullets, Tfue was raining down fire on any enemy that came near him with the minigun – but the bullets seemed to just fly through them.

If it was only one player, you could probably say he got poor luck with his bloom, but as three enemies fly past him he locks onto each one and manages not to do any damage to any of them, even though it definitely seems as though he should be hitting them.


While his bullets are constantly missing, Tfue simply repeats “I’m blanking, bro,” clearly getting increasingly dismayed at every opponent that flies past him without taking any damage.

The first time he said it, Scoped said that some of his bullets were blanking, too, so it may have simply been a server-side issue that had them both firing ghost bullets, but it’s impossible to be sure.


Tfue has taken issue with Fortnite for several reasons in recent months, including going as far as to say he's considering moving to a different state just to get better ping. If this becomes a recurring issue, it may add more fuel to the fire about the game that helped him blow up.

It remains to be seen whether Epic Games look into this, but it could become a big issue if they plan on having more major tournaments in the near future with money on the line.