NickEh30 takes 30-second break from Fortnite stream and this stream sniper pounced

Zackerie Fairfax
fortnite chun li skin

NickEh30 – known as the family-friendly Fortnite guru – left his stream unattended for 30 seconds only to return to some a not-so-PG stream sniper.

A long-time figurehead in the Fortnite community and content machine, NickEh30 is no stranger to stream snipers. In fact, he often encourages his fans to join his lobbies to test out new weapons, items, or vehicles.

While generating family-friendly content has been the main goal for Nick, he sometimes likes to blow off steam by attempting to eliminate 100 players in a single attack. He’s run over 100 players with a car, shot 100 players with the iron man laser, and most recently squashed 100 players with the Junk Rift.

Of course, keeping it PG doesn’t always go as planned. And when 100 strangers join each lobby, it makes predicting the outcome of each match impossible.

NickEh30’s cheeky stream sniper

On August 15, Nick posted a clip from his stream to Twitter with the caption, “I left my stream for 30s then guess what happens…”

The streamer landed at Rave Cave only to be met with his first stream sniper who Nick gave the task of protecting him while he went to make a Gfuel. However, it only took a few moments for that sniper to be eliminated, only for another stream sniper to come across Nick’s hiding spot.

The sniper, wearing the Chun Li Street Fighter skin, built a box around Nick’s character and cleared out the surrounding items before performing the Skii emote. This emote sees the user thrusting their behind backward as if pushing their ski poles to gain momentum.

The user then turned their character away so that Nick’s character’s face was positioned directly behind the stream sniper. This went on for several moments before a cackling Nick returned to his gamer station stating, “bruh, what are you doing?”

NickEh30 quickly picked up a weapon and disposed of the cheeky stream sniper. It seems Nick’s community also got a hoot out of the incident as the replies to his tweet are filled with laughing emojis. Several viewers also poked fun at Nick stating this wasn’t the family-friendly content they’ve come to expect.

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