New Stim-Gun concept would allow players to heal over long distances in Fortnite

Virginia Glaze
Jmzofficial / Epic Games

Reddit user ‘jmzofficial’ has created a new concept around a so-called ‘Stim-gun,’ which would allow teammates to be healed over long distances in Fortnite.

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The gun would operate much like the game’s Grappler, holding a limited number of charges until it runs out of uses.

Jmzofficial stated that the concept item would carry a number of 5 uses in total before it would automatically be dropped from a player’s inventory.[ad name=”article2″]

He stated that the purpose of the gun would be for “the ranged healing of teammates, if they’re in a bad situation.” That could prove incredibly useful in Fortnite, which doesn’t yet feature such a method.

He likewise mentioned that self-healing would be a major perk of the gun, and that it would recover 20 health points per use. 

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He also discussed the possibility of the gun having an AOE (area of effect) use. This way, if a shot were to miss, it would still heal a teammate as long they were standing with a certain radius of the missed healing round.

The gun could even introduce an interesting ‘medic’ role to Fortnite, much in the style of Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch. 

Jmz appeared to take a liking to that concept, stating that it could make the popular 50v50 Limited Time Mode, “a lot more fun.”

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In addition, he made sure to note that the gun wouldn’t be able to be used on enemies. Thus, if players happened to misfire, there would be no chance for the stray shot to accidentally heal enemy players.

Although there is no hint of this type of item coming to Fortnite anytime soon, it could end up being a possibility, as Epic Games have been known to take inspiration from online concepts in the past.