Most Overpowered Way to Use the New Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

The new Heavy Sniper Rifle was released in Fortnite on August 15 as part of the v5.21 Update and is available in both Epic and Legendary variants.

Players have already begun experimenting with the weapon, looking for the best ways and situations it can be used to achieve its maximum potential.

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One of the early popular trends with this new sniper rifle is to carry two of them at the same time, allowing the player to switch between them when firing.

Reddit user ‘D96T’ has posted a video demonstrating how powerful this method can prove to be.

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The damage statistics for the Heavy Sniper are quite strong, as it delivers considerable damage to both players (150/157) and structures (1050/1100).

The only true limit to the weapon is that it has a significantly longer reload time than other sniper rifles, which is basically overcome with the “double Heavy Sniper” technique that is displayed in the clip above.

Another Reddit user, named ‘cawhep’ also caught on to this method, using it to quickly double sniper an opponent and capture Victory Royale.

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Once more players begin catching on to this method, it has the potential to develop into an overpowered and vastly used meta.

However, the weapon is still brand new in Fortnite, and Epic Games can certainly implement changes to it that can limit this sort of thing, such as an increased weapon pullout time and even a shot delay like the one that exists when switching between shotguns.

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