Leaked Fortnite x Dragon Ball trailer reveals mythic weapon, skins & gliders

Zackerie Fairfax
dragon ball fortnite

The official trailer for the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event has leaked showing off the new skins, cosmetics, and in-game powers.

Epic Games has been teasing its second massive anime crossover with one of the most iconic television series in history: Dragon Ball. And with Goku being one of the strongest characters in any multiverse, this collab had to be big.

Not only does the Dragon Ball crossover include four iconic characters from the anime, but it also features an in-game item similar to the Marvel powers from Chapter 2 Season 4. Players can harness the power of the legendary Kamehameha and blast their opponents to the afterlife.

The event is set to kick off after downtime on August 16 following the Fortnite v21.40 update. But a leaked trailer for the crossover already shows what the Saiyans are bringing to The island. The trailer was uploaded to Twitter by notable leaker iFireMonkey.

The trailer shows off four characters coming to the game as purchasable skins: Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus. There are also three different gliders from the anime including Vegeta’s space capsule, Goku’s flying nimbus cloud, and Shenron the dragon.

Players can also be seen using the Kamehameha ability to damage opponents and structures. They’re also shown using the energy blasts against one another with the beams interrupting each other.

A couple of emotes are also on display. Players can use the Super Saiyan powerup emote even when not using the Goku and Vegeta skins. The Fusion Dance is also in Fortnite as a synced emote players can perform with friends.

There’s likely more in store for players to discover once the crossover is officially released. But until then, this leaked trailer will have to hold players over for the next few hours.