Is Tfue joining NRG? Fortnite pros fuel speculation

Tfue standing next to a real life battle bus with the NRG logoYouTube: Tfue/NRG

NRG’s band of Fortnite players have sparked speculation that Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney could soon join their ranks, but will the Twitch superstar make the move? 

Even though he hasn’t dominated the competitive scene as some fans thought he might have, and has pretty much given up on Epic Games’ battle royale, Tfue is still one of the premier names when it comes to Fortnite. 

The 22-year-old had been locked in a legal battle with FaZe Clan over his contract for over a year, as he has looked to get out of it and move on to something new. On August 26, it was finally ruled that he is a free agent and his contact with the org is done.

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Even though some players have suggested that he could start his own organization, the stacked NRG Fortnite roster have sparked speculation that Tfue could actually be joining them. 

Instagram: FaZe Clan
Tfue had been locked in a long legal battle with FaZe but now he’s free to move on.

Is Tfue joining NRG?

The NRG roster, which is made up of top tier players like BenjyFishy, Ronaldo, and Clix has been growing in numbers in recent months. 

After the FaZe vs Tfue lawsuit settlement, however, they’ve been teasing a major new addition. “NO WAY NRG JUST SIGN HIM TO FORTNITE, Ronaldo tweeted, while Clix added to the speculation by posting “NRG ____?” and leaving four gaps for where a player’s name would be. 

Some fans have suggested that it could be Tfue, given the hype that the players have attached to the signing, but YouTuber TheFortniteGuy has suggested that Tenney might not be the man they’re teasing. 

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Instead, the YouTuber noted that it could be former Team Liquid member Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo given that he has been a free agent since April and his four-letter name would fit with the teasers. 

“Even at that point, I’m not feeling it,” TheFortniteGuy said on the Chap idea. “I don’t think they would hype him up that much.”

Timestamp of 6:30

Of course, given the timing of the NRG tweets and Tfue’s release from FaZe, they could very well just be teasing something but not doing anything. 

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see as to what Tfue’s next move is, be it him joining a new org like NRG or deciding to go it alone.

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