Hysteria Comes Across Crazy Pyramid Structure in Fortnite Battle Royale

Former professional Halo player turned Cloud9 professional Fortnite player Jacob ‘Hysteria’ Reiser came across an insane in-game pyramid during a live stream of the popular battle royale game.

Fortnite is sometimes compared to Minecraft for its harvesting and building mechanics, and one of the reasons for that is the massive structures that go up during a given game. 

Since the battle royale exploded into the mainstream back in September of 2017, the title has seen a wide variety of builder innovations.

With shopping carts in the game, the likelihood of players building tall structures to launch off them and flying through the air has increased.

Hysteria came across a team of two building the massive pyramid in-game, and decided to let them finish the build rather than challenging them initially.

When he returned to the site of the structure the two builders had taken a shopping cart to the top of the pyramid and were launching off at top speed. 

After the match ended the Cloud9 pro would revisit the pyramid in theatre mode to give viewers an appreciation for the crazy builds. 

With the addition of the ‘Playground LTM,’ there is little doubt that a number of incredible structures will continue to spring up.

Seeing these kinds of skilled builds can come as a surprise even for well-practiced professionals like Hysteria. 

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