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How to get into Iron Man’s vault without a keycard in Fortnite

Published: 22/Sep/2020 14:36 Updated: 22/Sep/2020 19:46

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite players have found a way to use a pretty classic glitch to get inside Iron Man’s vault at Stark Industries without needing a keycard.

Ever since vaults arrived in Fortnite, players have been lining up to get inside them because of the loot they hold. These items can play a major role in getting a Victory Royale.

With the start of Chapter 2, Season 4, the vaults have become even more popular as you need to defeat one of the Marvel characters to get inside. This means that you get superpowers on top of all the rare loot.


Though, some players are bypassing the superhero fight and just heading straight for the vault – using a new twist on a classic glitch to get inside without needing a keycard.

Epic Games
Fortnite players are finding a backdoor to getting into Stark Industries.

As YouTuber GlitchKing shows, it’s pretty easy to get inside the vault without a keycard. In fact, you just need a car of some kind.

Once you have a car, you simply have to drive under the metal stairs that are outside of the building where the vault. As you drive underneath and keep accelerating, you should be propelled inside of the vault.

Though, as the YouTuber shows in some other attempts, you can also knock down some of the walls around the vault and drive into them too – as if this were Harry Potter and you’re looking for Platform 9 and ¾.


  1. Head to the Stark Industries POI
  2. Find a car
  3. Drive under the stairs by the building with the vault inside
  4. Keep accelerating until you are thrown inside the vault

Now, while it’s certainly possible to get inside with a keycard, it’s pretty difficult to get out without one. Unless the car glitches inside too, you’ll have to wait until someone opens it in order for you to get out.

Of course, you could give someone a pretty major shock by already being inside a locked vault, but given that it’s possible to glitch inside, many players might try and even more will cotton on to it.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not Epic Games will roll out a fix for the bug, or if it’ll just stick around until Chapter 2, Season 5.