How to disable Fortnite tanks to complete damage engine challenge

Tanks in FortniteEpic Games

As we embark upon week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, players have struggled with disabling a tank by damaging the engine. Here’s how you complete the challenge.

Tanks have brought a new element to Fortnite since their debuts in Chapter 3: Season 2, as the vehicles have wreaked havoc across the island.

As the machines are rather formidable in battle, tanks require players to inflict over 2000 points of damage if they hope to stop them in their tracks. But with week 7’s challenges, players will need to change their strategy as they need to damage the engine.

Here’s how to dibble a tank by damaging its engine.

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Tanks in Fortnite Epic Games
Tanks can be a pain to defeat but with this method, players can slow the machines in their tracks.

Disable a tank by damaging the engine

As most large bosses/vehicles in video games of all kinds, Fortnite’s tanks have a particular weak spot that, if damaged, will render the behemoth useless.

To complete the challenge, fans of the Epic Games battle royale will need to avoid the line of fire near the front of the machine and make their way to its backside.

From there, players should see two orange-tan-bronzish colored grates/covers that are easily detectable as they adorn the very darkly colored tank.

If players shoot the grates directly, this will eventually damage the tank’s engine, rendering the heavy machinery ultimately useless. Redditor aliceforoneday demonstrates exactly how to take out the tank’s engine in their video posted to the forum-based site.

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In the clip, you can see how focusing on the grates disable the tank altogether. Because this is the tank’s weak spot, you won’t have to worry about the rest of the vehicle necessarily and can head straight to the grates whenever you need to stop one in its tracks.

And that’s how you disable Fortnite tanks by damaging their engines.

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