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How to avoid fall damage with Thor’s Hammer ability in Fortnite

Published: 11/Sep/2020 10:38

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK has uncovered a way to not take fall damage when using Thor’s Hammer Strike ability – but it doesn’t work at every single height level.

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 being all Marvel themed, some of the biggest and best heroes from the comic book giants have made their way into the battle royale. 

There are plenty of cosmetics and points of interest that fit the Marvel theme but when it comes to weapons, Epic Games have taken things up a notch. Not only can you find Stark Energy Rifles, but there are superpowers available too. 


On top of Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Groot, and Storm – Thor has his Mjölnir hammer in-game too. You can throw it down to deal some serious damage to builds, but it can also be used to avoid damage, well, fall damage anyway. 

Fortnite marvel superheros sitting at table
Epic Games
Some of Marvel’s most iconic characters have descended on Fortnite.

That’s right, as SyperhPK points out in his September 10 upload, if you manage to have Thor’s Hammer Strike in your inventory, you can use it to avoid taking fall damage.

How, you might ask? Well, as the content creator shows, you just need to have it out and targeting something as you drop from a height. You will sort of float to the ground and not lose health. 


That, however, doesn’t mean that you can build a sky base and hide up there all game. No. You will take damage if you drop from about 10 levels up. Anything under that, though, and you’re fine – unless someone starts shooting you, obviously. 

  1. Have Thor’s Mythic ability equipped
  2. Have it aimed so the blue target appears
  3. Hold that open as you fall to the floor
  4. You will have avoided fall damage 

Timestamp of 4:35

Some fans might say that having the ability to avoid taking fall damage is a bit too overpowered, but given that it doesn’t work at every height, it’s clearly not game-breaking.

Epic might go back to the drawing board in future updates with regards to the different superpowers but we’ll just have to keep an eye on that.