MonsterDFace Shows Why Fortnite’s Burst Assault Rifle is Now God Tier

It looks like one of Fortnite’s original weapons, the Burst Assault Rifle, is finally getting its time to shine.

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In a video posted on Friday, September 7, Fortnite Streamer MonsterDFace gave a great example of why the trusty Burst Rifle is now a must-grab weapon in-game.

In fact, he went so far as to say “hearing the burst now is actually kind of scary” before he even engaged in any kind of combat!

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Playing in the new Getaway LTM, the YouTuber goes in on multiple teams and racks up over 10 eliminations with the new and improved Burst Assault Rifle.

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The fight itself showed why the new Burst is a force to be reckoned with. In less than a minute, MonsterD takes out multiple squads, mostly from range, all vying for the same loot-drop in a low-gravity area.

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But the entertainer wasn’t about to take all of the credit for himself, pointing out that the weapon was making the destruction even easier!

“Bro, this gun is insane,” he said.  

In Fortnite’s most recent patch, the Burst Rifle’s bloom (or how far shots spread when firing) was reduced. This means long range kills are easier to nab.

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You can almost hear the cries of frustration from the victims of MonsterDFace’s rampage. The range at which he’s able to drop players with the Burst, from on top of a tree no less, is impressive.

MonsterD also said Fortnite’s newest “Getaway” mode was like “the ultimate solo vs. squad dream” and we can’t really argue with his results!