Game-breaking Fortnite exploit instantly destroys anything you touch

Daniel Cleary
Fortnite character running

A new glitch has been found with the Whirlpool in Fortnite that lets players instantly destroy any buildings or obstacles their character touches in-game.

Fortnite is well known for being the first battle royale title to introduce unique building mechanics, adding a whole new dynamic to the gunfights and allowing for some ridiculous outplays.

While creating and editing builds to your advantage is a common tactic, Fortnite players have now found a new exploit that instantly destroys any nearby walls or buildings and could be used as a strong counter.

Two fortnite characters looking at building
Fortnite players have found an exploit that can quickly destroy any buildings.

This bug, which can be done with the help of the Whirlpool, glitches your character and lets them destroy anything they touch, similar to how some of the game’s vehicles would.

The unusual trick was shared by Fortnite YouTuber DopeFTL, who explained that players would need to travel to the island with the dancefloor between Rickety Rig and The Fortilla.

DopeFTL also revealed that having Crash Pads would make the glitch a bit easier, although they are not required to use this exploit.

How to instantly destroy builds in Fortnite

  1. First, loot some Crash Pads and make your way to the Island with the dance floor near Rickety Rig.
  2. You’ll then need to enter the Porta-Potty teleporter in the main room and spam the ‘jump’ button.
  3. Once you come out of the whirlpool, your glider should be canceled
  4. Now, simply throw and land on a Crash Pad in the water below.
  5. After completing these steps you should be able to instantly destroy any building you touch.

This trick can be quite effective for making your way through opponents builds, however, the glitch does not provide you with any more health, meaning you will still have to fight your way to a victory royale.

As Epic Games have been quick to patch other glitches with the Whirlpool, including a bizarre God Mode glitch which made players invincible, it is likely that they will look to remove this one in a future update as well.

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