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Fortnite’s Hand Cannon updated ahead of possible Season 3 return

Published: 28/May/2020 10:06

by Joe Craven


Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans have noticed that the infamous Hand Cannon’s weapon model has been updated, sparking speculation it will make a return in the upcoming, and highly anticipated, Season 3.

While originally chalked to end on April 30, Fortnite Chapter Two’s second season was given a lengthy extension and, barring any further delays, is set to end on June 3, with Season 3 launching immediately after. 

Despite being incredibly close, large portions of the Season 3 update remain unclear. Players don’t know how the Doomsday Device will factor in, or how Midas’ thievery will reach a climax. Recent changes, however, have led to people speculating that the infamous Hand Cannon will make a reappearance.


Epic Games
The Hand Cannon, in its original form.

The original Hand Cannon was vaulted, alongside a host of other gadgets when Chapter Two launched in October of 2019. However, it remains available to players in Fortnite’s Creative mode, and changes made to the weapon could indicate it will return in Season 3.

On May 27, Redditor PM092 shared an image of the hand cannon in Creative, showing its model has been significantly changed.

The major change players will notice is that it has become much darker in color, with the original grey being replaced by a much darker shade. Other changes made include more rivets and a more obvious hammer and rear-sight.


Reddit: u/PM092
The updated Hand Cannon model.

It should go without saying that the updated model is not a guarantee that the Hand Cannon will return in Season 3. It could simply be that Epic wanted to update the model for the benefit of players using it in Creative.

We will continue to bring you all the latest news and rumors surrounding Fortnite Season 3 as they become available.