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Fortnite’s Back Bling Physics Have Been Removed to fix a bug

Published: 10/Aug/2018 19:30 Updated: 10/Aug/2018 19:37

by Vincent Genova


Your Back Bling might look a little less interesting next time you start Fortnite.

In order to temporarily fix a bug that was causing game crashes, Epic has had to remove the physics off of all cloth Back Blings.

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If a player wore a cloth Back Bling, the ones that look similar to capes, with the new Beef Boss skin, the game would crash.

Epic took to reddit to advise users of wearing the combination until a fix could be found. Users could log into the mobile app to change their outfit if they were wearing the unfortunate combination.


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The bug was not able to be quickly fixed however, forcing Epic to remove physics from all of the cloth made Back Blings.

The fix is only temporary and will prevent the game from crashing.

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Fortnite players can now equip any cloth bling they want with the Beef Boss skin, or log back in without worrying about the game crashing.

Epic does not have a timetable for the bug fix, but as soon as it is resolved your cloth Back Bling will return with all of its glorious physics.

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The Back Bling is not the only glitch currently appearing in the game that is still technically a beta, the Drum Gun is not dealing any damage to players or structures.


Week 5 of Season 5 is currently underway and you can use our guide to help complete the challenges, though you may want to avoid the lifeless cloth Back Blings and the Drum Gun.