Fortnite World Cup Champion amazes viewers with insane edit speeds

Alan Bernal

Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf routinely leaves his audience floored with the ripping speeds that he can build and subsequently edit in the battle royal.

Bugha climbed the mountain of the world’s best Fortnite players to net himself the highest prize for the battle royale while securing a handsome sum of $3 million before New York’s extreme taxes took effect.

Still though, he didn’t win out at the World Cup relying on the game’s RNG or sitting back to let the lobby kill itself. Among other traits, he used his astounding build speeds to outclass his opponents when it mattered the most.

Epic Games via Rock Paper ShotgunBlazing fast building in Fortnite is one of the keys to success.

When Bugha streams, instead of a camera pointed to his face, he opts to show exactly what his wrist is doing at all times. While this is a sure-fire way of silencing anybody who thinks he might be hacking, it’s also an effective method for showing off how quick his edits can be.

During any typical firefight in Fortnite, it can get a little jarring seeing how fast me maneuvers a build, and even more so when he makes precision edits to trick or confuse his opposition.

One instance shows him in the midst of a stalemate between a few teams near Lazy Lagoon. While trying to work the angles, Bugha takes a small break to warm up his edits while there’s some downtime.

The clip is a perfect example of what practice can yield, seeing as he makes his way through various levels in his build without skipping a beat.

Baffled Fortnite fans even see how Bugha could be faster than newly signed FaZe member Mongraal, who’s been widely known to have insane matches featuring lightning fast builds while fighting in the battle royale.

Fortnite has come a long way since the Season 1 meta, where fights were set up with a few ramps out in the open as players scrambled to knock them down to get the best shot at an opponent.

Epic GamesFortnite battles sure have changed since the battle royale mode released.

While the simpler days of Fortnite might be gone, it’ll be interesting to see how players like Bugha further evolve the game’s playstyle as more players start to master faster speeds of editing builds.

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