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Fortnite v14.10 update map changes: Stark Industries POI

Published: 10/Sep/2020 16:25

by Daniel Cleary


Fortnite has introduced another set of Marvel-themed changes to the Season 4 map with the v14.10 update, including a new Stark Industries point-of-interest. Here’s a look at all of the latest map changes.

Fortnite has now released their first major update since the start of Season 4 and it has brought some massive map changes which align with their new Marvel theme.

While Epic Games has previously added small POI’s such as the Panther Prowl monument or Collector’s Museum across the map, the v14.10 changes are by far the biggest, with the Stark Industries POI now available in-game.

Following the September 10 update, players will notice a giant chunk of land has appeared towards the North-Eastern side of the map, taking up a huge portion of the Fortnite island.


Iron man's stark industries POI on fortnite
Epic Games
The Stark Industries POI is quite hard to miss on the Fortnite map.

Stark Industries POI in Fortnite Season 4

This bizarre circle marks the new Stark Industries POI, which could tie into Iron Man’s storyline during their fight against Galactus in the Nexus War.

Epic Games has also released a full trailer for the addition of the new POI, with a message of “discover your new powers” being shared with Fortnite fans.


With leaks and rumors surrounding future Mythic Items and superpowers, Epic could be teasing even more changes and abilities to come in the next updates.

The location itself is heavily guarded with “Stark Robot” Henchmen and even spawns a custom Iron Man car, outside of the front door, that doesn’t require any fuel to drive.


Stark Industries also features a brand new vault that can be opened after defeating the Iron Man boss and collecting his keycard.

Players can pick up Mythic weapons from the Superhero as well, with Iron Man’s Unibeam and Repulsor Gauntlets found in this new location.

While this point-of-interest was the only major one to be added in v14.10 patch, we will be sure to update you with any new changes as players explore the latest update.