Fortnite v10.00 Content Update patch notes – Automatic Sniper Rifle, Tilted Town and more

Matt Porter

Epic Games have officially released the first patch of Fortnite Season 10 in the form of the v10.0 Content Update, available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. 

As always, Season X kicked off a with a massive update to the game, introducing the new BRUTES mechs, and the return of one of the game’s most popular locations in Dusty Depots. 

Now, less than a week later, fans of the popular battle royale title are set to get their hands on a brand new weapon, plus we’ll see updates to the game’s map as the season’s overarching storyline continues to bring back some of the legendary points-of-interest that disappeared throughout the game’s 10 seasons. 

Epic GamesThe meteor about Dusty Depot is back, and floating ominously in the air.

Automatic Sniper Rifle

Fortnite fans will have a brand new weapon to wield thanks to the v10.0 Content Update, with the introduction of the Automatic Sniper Rifle to the popular battle royale title. 

The Automatic Sniper Rifle comes in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants, with it’s bullets travelling faster than any other sniper, although it does come at the cost of a reduced zoom scope which should make hitting your targets a little trickier. 

The weapon will deal base damage of 31/33/35, with headshots set to take 66/66/70 health points off an opponent should you be able to find their head with the weapon. You can read the full patch notes for the Automatic Sniper Rifle below. 

Epic GamesThe Automatic Sniper Rifle’s bullets travel faster than any other sniper.

Automatic Sniper Rifle

  • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
  • Uses Medium Ammo.
  • Projectiles travel faster than other Sniper Rifles.
  • Damage: 31/33/35
    • Headshot: 62/66/70
  • 4 Rounds per second.
  • 16 Rounds per magazine.
  • Uses a reduced zoom scope.
  • Can be found from Floor, Chest, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Loot Carriers.

Tilted Town

The update also brings a major map change to the game, with Neo Tilted disappearing following the activation of a Rift Beacon, and turning into Tilted Town, a wild-west themed location that includes special unvaulted weapons, and some rules that will alter how you play the game. 

While Fortnite is a game built around harvesting materials to use to build, Tilted Town is a no building zone, with players also unableto break any buildings in search of materials. Epic Games have released a special video to help you take a look at the game’s newest location

Weapon Unvaults

A host of weapon unvaults have also arrived in the v10.0 Content Update, with four weapons brought back from the game’s vault for use in Season 10, although their returns come with a catch. 

The Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, Hunting Rifle and Infantry Rifle are all back, but can only be found in Tilted Town, meaning if you want to get your hands on any of these weapons, you’ll need to hed to the wild-west settlement first. You can find the full details of the weapon unvaults below. 

Epic GamesThe Six Shooter is back in the v10.0 Content Update.

Unvaulted weapons that only spawn in Tilted Town:

  • Double Barrel Shotgun
    • Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Six Shooter
    • Uncommon, Rare, and Epic variants.
  • Hunting Rifle
    • Uncommon and Rare variants.
  • Infantry Rifle 
    • Common variant.

The v10.0 Content Update patch notes also includes information about new Limited Time Modes (LTMS), and some changes that Epic Games have implemented to Creative Mode. You can view all the remaining patch notes below. 

Remaining Fortnite v10.0 Content Update patch notes




Coming Soon
Team Type: Solos | Respawning: On 

Work your way through all of the weapons, starting with the higher rarities and ending with the lower rarities. The first player to get an elimination with the final weapon wins! Infinite ammo is on, and players will drop materials when they are eliminated.



Sky Station Showdown LTM

  • Battle other squads to capture zones and score points. Featured on the big stage at the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals.
Epic Games

Junkyard Juke LTM

  • Featured at the Fortnite Creative World Cup! It’s time to bring junk to the incinerator to receive points for your team. The bigger piece of junk, the more points!

Viking Village Prefabs

  • It’s a Viking invasion! Put a Nordic twist on your island with the latest Prefab.


Bug Fixes

  • The Save Volume size for the Volcano Island is restored. Note: the visuals will still look like you are out of bounds when trying to build and edit on the outer edges.


  • 7 New Viking Village Prefabs
    • Viking Ship
    • Viking Longhouse
    • Viking Armoury
    • Viking Hut A
    • Viking Hut B
    • Viking Hut C
    • Viking Stables
  • 3 New Galleries
    • Viking Village Gallery
    • Viking Village Prop Gallery
    • Brown Cliff Snow Gallery


Bug Fixes

  • Sentries that carry a rocket launcher will damage players now.
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