Fortnite could be gearing up for a Transformers crossover

fortnite transformers crossover rumorsHasbro/Paramount Pictures

Leaked images and a tease from Epic Games seem to suggest Fortnite will soon receive Transformers crossover content of some kind.

Should such a deal come to pass, it would not mark Epic Games’ first rodeo with a Hasbro-owned brand.

In 2021, the two companies teamed up to add G.I. Joe-branded content to Fortnite. The collaboration notably brought Snake Eyes to the Island several months before the character’s solo film hit theaters.

Since Paramount Pictures’ Transformers movie franchise recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, now seems as good a time as any for Hasbro’s other big-name property to debut in Fortnite.

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A Transformers crossover could soon come to Fortnite

transformers and fortnite crossover rumorHasbro/Paramount Pictures
Many signs point to the Robots in Disguise coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite leaker Shiina recently compiled a list of clues that suggest Transformers content is currently in the works.

In addition to Hasbro and Paramount celebrating the film franchise’s milestone year, the Epic-run Fortnite Status account recently tweeted “It’s Prime time” about Update v21.30. (It’s worth noting that “Prime” actually references the Prime Shotgun included in the game’s newly released 21.30 patch.)

Shiina also called attention to an ongoing build on the Fortnite map that features a blue bus propped up by two cars as its legs.

Another leaks-centric page, InTheShade, later shared a work-in-progress screenshot of a vehicle codenamed “PlateHawk.” Interestingly, the vehicle appears to be a mech that players will enter.

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Of course, all of the above could constitute mere coincidence that has nothing to do with a potential Fortnite and Transformers crossover.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, though, especially since – as noted above – Epic Games and Hasbro have worked together closely in the past.

In recent months, Epic has brought several pop culture figures into the world of Fortnite for the first time, including the likes of Doctor Strange and Indiana Jones.