5 features we want to see in Fortnite Season 3

Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale players from all around the world are looking forward to seeing what Epic Games have in store for Chapter 2, Season 3, and we’re going to run through a few new features we’d like to see appear. 

The current season has been enjoyed by many players, there’s no doubt about that, but many content creators have strayed away from the battle royale title in recent times. This is something that’s tended to happen in previous seasons, with many coming back when Chapter 2 first launched, and its going to take some big changes to get the game back to the level it was at around six months ago.

That said, if there’s one thing Epic has done in the past, that’s hitting the ball out of the park with new updates. With Season 3 kicking off on June 11, we’ve put together a quick wish list of features that may or may not be included in the next major patch.

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5 things Fortnite Season 3 could add

Flooded map

Let’s get the easiest one out of the way right off the bat, especially as it’s more or less been confirmed with multiple leaks.

The idea of going back to the original Fortnite island had been a nostalgic idea presented by much of the player base, but if the game really wants to get back on top – with fierce competition now with Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone – it needs to take the experience and completely reshape how we play. What better way to do that than to flood the map completely.

Epic Games
There was already a lot more water on the map when we moved over for Chapter 2, but we’re expecting to see a lot more soon.

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Multiple swimming animations have already been leaked, not to mention the Fortnite Season 3 icon showing much of the island covered in water on the PlayStation Store, so this looks increasingly likely to happen.

Having to shoot underwater, dive down to underwater bases for loot, getting dropped off on a Battle Boat rather than a Battle Bus, and other ideas are all possible! No battle royale game has made water such a prominent feature before and this presents an opportunity to really do something different. Let’s see how it pans out, but we’re all for it!

New weapons

If you take a look through the current weapons list for Fortnite, it’s so basic compared to what we’ve seen in the past.

Sure, we’ve all had some good experiences with those that are still in the game, but if we’re looking on going underwater for much of the next season then a real shakeup is in order. Harpoons were a start, but let’s go further with the water theme.

Epic Games
The weapons could probably do with a reset.

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Some of the meta weapons, or usual suspects as we’d call them, like the SCAR, Rocket Launcher, and Heavy Sniper Rifle aren’t going anywhere. However, the likes of the Burst Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, and low rarity Tactical Shotguns can surely be switched up for other exciting versions.

A number of new guns have been leaked over the course of the last few months, and it will be interesting to see how the meta changes in the next season. Hopefully, the list – which currently sits at 20 – will be expanded quite a bit.

Take fishing a step further

We’ve already seen Small Fry, Floppers, and Slurpfish added to Fortnite in the past – each could be used to heal in-game. As well as this, there are also the Rusty Cans and super rare Mythic Goldfish to grab.

Weekly challenges have been pretty easy in recent times, meaning that they have been something of a simple box-ticking exercise rather than actually challenging. Now, there’s one way that could make challenges much more interesting, and the idea has already been explored in-game.

Epic Games
We’d like to see more fish species in Fortnite, and make it more challenging to catch them.

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If you consider the success of fishing features in Minecraft and Animal Crossing, basing it off real fish types, Fortnite could create its own original set of fish that can be caught in-game. Catching specific species could be a part of weeklies, and if we are really going underwater, perhaps different regions of the map could be filled with certain types.

Having to catch them with skill would be something interesting to add, and could double down on it with a pure fishing LTM later in the season. Different, but very possible.

More vehicles!

There have been some amazing vehicles added to Fortnite Battle Royale over the years, whether it be X-4 Stormwing planes, Ballers, or something like the Quadcrasher.

Many of those wouldn’t be much used if the island is covered in water, though, so we should be expecting a fleet of new water vehicles for the new season.

Epic Games
We’re going to need more vehicles.

This could include boats of various sizes, perhaps even go back to our routes from Chapter 1 and bring back some pirate vessels, or go futuristic and bring in hovercrafts and planes that can land in the sea.

POIs on shore

Last, but certainly not least, is points of interest that remain higher than sea level.

This could be done in several ways, whether it be the peaks of mountains heavily stocked with buildings and supplies, islands in different parts of the map, or – more interestingly – floating cities. These could be hoisted up on inflatable, similar to floating markets that are seen in Asia.

Epic Games
Even with the flooded map, it would be good to see some POIs still on the surface.

Underwater we could have the last remnants of old locations, with debris floating on top of the water, too. Overall, while we’re all for deep diving in the water in Season 3, it would be highly unlikely that everything would be submerged, so keeping some locations on the surface would be ideal.

So, there we have it! That’s our wish list for Fortnite Season 3 ahead of its release – and it’s not long now until we get to see the real thing! Stick with Dexerto for all of the breaking news, leaks, and guides ahead of the game’s next major patch.