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Fortnite RTX first look reveals improved graphics

Published: 1/Sep/2020 18:27

by Tanner Pierce


During the NVIDIA GeForce livestream on September 1, the company announced that RTX has been enabled for the insanely popular battle royale game, Fortnite.

Even though Fortnite doesn’t have the most realistic graphics in the world, the game has been praised for its technical achievements. The title looks visually crisp and runs at a consistent, smooth framerate across most of the major consoles and systems (with an obvious exception being made for the Switch version).

Despite this, the game doesn’t currently have RTX support, which has bummed out many PC players for a while now – especially considering the fact that a lot of games on the platform do have it enabled. Thankfully, however, this seems to be changing.


Today, NVIDIA announced during its GeForce livestream that RTX will finally be enabled for Fortnite.

According to the livestream, Fortnite will now support raytraced shadows and reflections, as well as ambient occlusion and DLSS 2. While that may sound like a bunch of jumbled and confusing terminology, it means it’s going to make the game look a lot better on PC going forward.

Epic also released a trailer for the new graphics, which gives players a good look at how RTX will be implemented in Fortnite.

Players will automatically be able to notice a difference in the trailer, from the shine on players helmets, to the near mirror-like reflections on windows, all the way down to the realistic-looking water.


Unfortunately, there’s no telling when the support will be added to the game. While the stream said that the RTX support is “enabled,” the trailer itself says that it’s actually coming soon, so players will probably have to wait a bit longer to take advantage of the improvement for themselves.

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long, though, as PC players will more than likely want to start utilizing the feature as soon as possible.