Fortnite pros call game “a joke” for laggy servers during $3 million FNCS event - Dexerto

Fortnite pros call game “a joke” for laggy servers during $3 million FNCS event

Published: 30/May/2021 23:51

by Nick Farrell


It was not all smooth sailing for Fortnite’s FNCS Grand Finals this past weekend. A persistent issue from the past has once again risen, as the servers don’t seem to be fixed completely.

Fortnite’s competitive cycle for Season 6 has come to a close once again, and the FNCS Grand Finals in regions all over the world were filled with intense action. We got to see some familiar faces atop the leaderboard, and there were multiple repeat winners.

However, it seems like there can’t be a Fortnite event without some form of controversy as of late, with players complaining about the severs yet again during the Grand Finals.


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Server issues have plagued Fortnite events for years

Servers are “a joke”

Since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, players have complained about how unplayable FNCS servers have been at times. Whether or not this is due to the number of players alive towards the end of the game, or the amount of terrain on the map is unknown. But, it’s been a consistent issue that players have had to deal with over time.

During the European portion of the FNCS Grand Finals on May 30, there appeared to be several moments during the event where players were experiencing poor performance in relation to the servers. This was made public first by M10 Motor, who was doing a viewing party of the festivities.


In multiple clips posted to Twitter, we are able to see what when the player moved backward on his ramp, he still received damage and was eliminated.

This has been a common issue within the competitive community, as latency issues when trying to maneuver around builds but still being dealt damage has been a persistent issue within the game. While Fortnite servers have improved since the World Cup days dramatically, problems like unexplained lag is still something players are being forced to deal with every event.

However, this isn’t the only server issue we saw during the FNCS Grand Finals, as another clip posted by Motor showcased Flikk seemingly falling to his death even though he landed in the water.


Obviously, this isn’t something that’s supposed to happen within Fortnite, but whether or not Epic will be able to finally resolve these server issues for the upcoming FNCS All-Stars event during Season 7 and future competitions remains to be seen.