Another Fortnite FNCS team disqualified after insulting opponents

fncs disqualifyEpic Games / Luminox Esports

Another Fortnite trio has been eliminated from the FNCS campaign ahead of the Finals weekend, this time for sending harsh words to fellow competitors.

Luminox Esports’ trio of 97Default, Freemok3, and Wulfee5 have all been DQ’d shortly after one of the teammates sent a scathing tweet to another FNCS trio.

97Default got heat from the Fortnite community after sending expletives towards Fortnite players K1nzell, wak1e, and IDrop. It didn’t take long for Epic Games to respond to the incident with a ban.

Previously, players banned for this type of behavior went against FNCS competitive rule 8.1.2 in which “players must be respectful of other players, Event Administrators, spectators, and sponsors.”

The decision came hours before the start of the Finals stage as Luminox was even getting hyped to field their players throughout the weekend. In light of the ban, 97Default apologized for his outburst and said that he’s been working on his anger management in recent months.

“I am sorry to accept that I will be disqualified from a tournament that we have been working on for so long,” 97Default said. “I apologize for all the words I said to the players. I hope everyone understands the pressure that players who are playing for the first time in the FNCS Finals feel.”

The other two members of the trio also expressed regret after they were disqualified from the final days of the FNCS season.

97Default via Twitter
97Default explained his outburst and apologized for disqualifying his team from FNCS.

In the past few weeks, FNCS trios have been disqualified for similar outbursts aimed at competitors and even the director of Fortnite himself. The decision against 97Default and his team is the latest in a growing list of disqualified teams for toxic words and behavior from FNCS competitors.

A player who goes by ‘Wrigley’ recently told the Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, Donald Mustard, to “kill himself.” A week later, another player by the name of ‘paper’ was toxic to an opposing FNCS trio. Both players, along with their teams, were disqualified from the circuit for their actions.