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Fortnite pro SerpentAU apologizes after “macros” cheating allegations

Published: 14/Jun/2020 11:32

by Daniel Cleary


Fortnite YouTuber and pro player ‘SerpentAU’ has now apologized after being accused, by fellow content creator ‘EJLad’, of using ‘macros’ to cheat in the battle royale.

SerpentAU is one of the most popular players from the OCE region and has over 500,000 subscribers on his channel for uploading videos of his insanely fast building skills in Fortnite.

However, it seems as if he has had some help with his quick editing after he was accused of using “macros” to increase his editing and movement speed in Fortnite by YouTuber EJLad.

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Macros are used to set up different key-bind shortcuts, enabling Fortnite players to perform multiple actions at once by pressing a specific key.


EJLad highlighted SerpentAU’s in-game settings during his exposing video, revealing that he had two distinct key binds for editing buildings and accused him of “cheating.”

Overtime Gaming, the esports organization that SerpentAU had been signed under, also dropped the Australian star once the allegations started to surface.

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SerpentAU initially tried to explain away the accusations but Fortnite stars such as Tfue, who was recently accused of using macros by Zayt, even weighed in claiming that his initial explanation was not good enough to prove his innocence.

“Your explanation video was dawgs***,” he claimed, calling on the player to recreate some of the bizarre movement clips in his video with a hand cam.


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Serpent seemingly refused to follow Tfue’s advice and has now confessed to using cheats in his creative videos, apologizing to his fans on June 13.

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The Fortnite star admitted that he was disappointed in himself for cheating and claimed that he did not understand the severity of his actions at the time.

“I saw an opportunity and decided to take it, without properly considering who it would affect along the way,” he explained, revealing he would be taking a break from Fortnite, “this is entirely my fault and I will be taking a break for some time.”


This surprised many of his fans, as SerpentAU himself only just accused another player of cheating in May, providing evidence that fellow pro Kai ‘Kquid’ Eaton using aimbot after he received a shock ban during the FNCS invitational event.