Fortnite pro quits after accusing Epic Games of sabotaging a player at major event

Daniel Cleary

Former Fortnite pro Myles ‘Gorilla’ Cayenne accused Epic Games employees of unfairly removing a player from PAX West 2018, in a new video announcing his retirement from competing.

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Epic Games have received backlash in the past for their Summer Skirmish Tournament at PAX WEST 2018, where they forced every player to use the same peripherals at the event, but new claims indicate that the event may have had even more problems.

Former pro player, Gorilla, detailed all his complaints with the current state of Fortnite’s competitive scene in his latest YouTube video after deciding he would not return to competition, and also claimed that Epic Games had unfairly removed a player from an event mid-game.

Epic Games / TwitchMorgausseTV took the win in the Summer Skirmish Finals event at PAX West 2018.
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Gorilla claims that Epic refused to respond to concerns about the security of the Summer Skirmish event, which was only two weeks after the tragic incident at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, saying, “We were worried man, we were honestly worried, we were getting no response.”

The former Team Envy star explained how one of his fellow pro players called Epic Games employees out publicly for the lack of communication, saying, “He decided to tweet some people […] he was like look you gotta get this shit addressed, we’re all worried, and he made it public.”

At the tournament, Gorilla detailed the alleged incident with the pro player, who was competing in the qualifiers, claiming that one of the Epic employees who he had called out had told security that the player was breaking stuff and screaming at people.

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“He’s getting pointed at while he’s in the middle of his game trying to win” Gorilla explained, claiming that the player was likely to qualify before the employee got involved, “They were mad they got called out on Twitter for being ignorant.”

The pro player was apparently removed from the game to get the situation resolved by looking at the webcam footage, although the games continued in his absence, ruining his chances of making it into the final.

Gorilla decided not to name the professional player who was involved in the incident but cited the event as one of his many reasons for stepping away from competing in Fortnite Battle Royale, despite finishing 15th in the finals ahead of the likes of NICKMERCS and Ceice.

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