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Fortnite’s Plastic Patroller skin allows players to hide in plain sight and fans aren’t happy about it

Published: 28/Jun/2019 15:22 Updated: 28/Jun/2019 16:21

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite fans have been left confused by a brand new skin that appears to give players a slight advantage, should the circle fall in their favor. 

Epic Games’ uber-popular free-to-play title has dropped a number of cosmetic items since its release – including the infamous John Wick, a Guardians of the Galaxy mash-up, and a number of FIFA World Cup-themed designs.


Yet, none of those gave players any sort of advantage in-game. Now, a new round of skins actually can help players, provided they benefit from the RNG luck. 

Epic GamesPlayers were finally able to look like John Wick in-game but it didn’t help them play any better.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user camicam95, pointed out that skins are meant to be for purely cosmetic reasons and not give any advantage to players. Although, the new Plastic Patroller skin can let players blend in with some areas much more easily than before. 


While eagle-eyed players may be able to tell the difference between the skin and a lighter colored bush, it’s hard to tell which is which when the Plastic Patroller skin hides in a similar colored tree.  

Players could quite easily use a backbling or harvesting tool that would give them away but then the skin was available alongside the Green Toy wrap, which can also help them blend in with a tree.

Reddit/CamiCam95The skin allows players to hide in trees pretty well.

After camicam95 noted this issue, some other fans voiced their concerns about players using the skin moving forward. “This is such a ridiculous skin. Everyone is going to be using it,” commented Velos85.


Another, Merkemas, added: “I like the skin, but what a stupid move by Epic to release it. Who doesn’t want an invisible skin?”

Not everyone had a problem with its release, though. Redditor HarvP posted: “It only blends in really well in trees. If people want to sit in trees all game then good for them. 

“The only problem with the skin is it didn’t come with a glider that was one of those plastic parachutes like the toy soldiers you to come with.”


Of course, these skins won’t give you any sort of help if the storm circle moves over to the Snow or Desert biomes.

However, considering they only make up a small portion of the map – players can, and probably will, use the new look to their advantage.


It remains to be seen if the new skin affects play to the point where Epic Games have to step in and make some change, especially with the Fortnite World Cup lurking around the corner. 

Until that point, make sure you’re clearing out all corners before thinking that you’re safe in a match moving forward. You never know, there could be a toy soldier skin handing out in a tree.


Mongraal kicked from FNCS match after bizarre Fortnite vault bug

Published: 18/Oct/2020 17:57

by Daniel Cleary


FaZe Fortnite pro Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson was left stunned after he was removed from an FNCS Week 2 session for an unusual bug with the Stark Industries vault.

With the FNCS starting to ramp up again for the Season 4 finals, many of the top players will be looking to battle it out and qualify for the Fortnite playoffs on October 29.


FaZe Clan star Mongraal is regularly seen near the top in the FNCS’ European events, but while competing in the second week of the Season 4 tournament, the Fornite pro was surprisingly removed from one of the games.

vault in fortnite
Epic Games
Mongraal discovered a bug with the Stark Industries vault while competing in the FNCS.

After dropping into the first match of the FNCS Week 2 Trios session, Mongraal, along with teammates Mitr0 and Tayson, landed at the Stark Industries POI to kick off the game.


The new Marvel point-of-interest, which was added in Season 4, features one of the few vaults on the map and can be a great place to pick up some early loot, if it is not contested by another team.

However, after killing the Iron Man boss and grabbing the keycard, Mongraal was surprisingly kicked from the game when trying to open up the vault door.


“I just got kicked, no!” he reacted, realizing that his chances of picking up points in the tournament, and earning a good placing, had become even more difficult.

While the Fortnite error code did not give an exact reason why he was removed from the match, he claimed that it was likely due to him meleeing the Vault, “It’s because I was spamming the door.”

As players have come up with some unusual ways to glitch in and out of the vault without keycards, it is possible that Epic Games could have set up countermeasures to prevent players from cheating in competitive playlists, like the FNCS sessions, and it may have been triggered by him rushing to get in the door.


Despite being kicked from the first game, Mongraal was not banned from the FNCS event and was able to rejoin his teammates in the second match to continue their tournament run.