Fortnite players convinced Chapter 4 made the game way harder

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Some longtime Fortnite players think they’ve been dying more following the recent release of Chapter 4 Season 1.

The Chapter 4 update launched this past weekend, introducing a new map, a reworked battle pass, and an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.1.

After the literally game-changing Fractured event brought an end to Chapter 3, Fortnite users bore witness to the construction of a previously unseen locale.

Interestingly, the latest playable map is marginally smaller than its predecessor, a point some players can’t help but point out when discussing Fortnite’s perceived difficulty spike.

Fortnite fans think Chapter 4 Season 1 upped the difficulty

Fortnite player SopadeAbacaxi recently posed the following question to the game’s community on Reddit – “[Are you guys] suddenly dying a LOT more this season or is it just me?”

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The Redditor claims their squad typically boasts a 60 percent win rate, but Chapter 4 has made it so winning even one game feels like a “surprise.”

“Idk what it is, but the game seems harder,” the player added, saying some people now deal more damage with common weapons than they do with rare or epic guns.

While many seem to agree with the sentiment that Fortnite’s undergone a difficulty spike, some believe it’s the fault of technical troubles.

One Redditor noted that “bugs and lag” have resulted in their death far more times than fights against skilled opponents. Others chimed in to say the lag definitely feels worse now, even on Switch where such issues were already worrisome.

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In addition, some have attributed to heightened difficulty to Fortnite Chapter 4’s smaller map size and new mobility options. Because of this, “fights are happening a lot faster… [and] can be hectic at times,” another user added.

It would seem the latest version of Fortnite will require an adjustment period for veterans and newcomers alike.