Fortnite players call Epic Games “cowards” for de-cakeifying Solid Snake

Philip Trahan
Fortnite solid snake headerEpic Games / Nintendo / Konami

Fortnite fans are not pleased with the game’s rendition of Solid Snake, with many calling Epic Games “cowards” for changing one specific physical trait.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 is finally here, and despite a fairly rocky launch due to server issues, fans are still excited to jump into the new season.

Chapter 5 Season 1 brought with it plenty of new cosmetics, including the ‘gigachad’ Peter Griffin skin, a new LEGO mode, and the promise of Konami’s Solid Snake.

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Unfortunately, some fans have taken umbrage with the iconic special op’s rendition by Epic Games, with many claiming the developer flattened his butt for no good reason.

Fortnite players unimpressed with Solid Snake’s lack of ‘cake’

While Solid Snake’s Fortnite skin is currently unavailable in Fortnite, it is part of the Chapter 5 Season 1 battle pass.

As such, players were able to at least get a look at the fictional spy before his official release. Fans were quick to point out that something about his Fortnite skin seemed lacking.

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“EPIC GAMES ARE COWARDS,” wrote one Fortnite fan on X, who attached a screenshot of Solid Snake facing away from the camera. They also included a comparison of Omni-Man, who also caused a splash among fans for his flat derriere.

“I’m immeasurably disappointed,” one player said in reaction to the news, while another said, “Wow they nerfed Snake more than Smash Brothers did.”

The latter post referencing Snake’s rendition in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which notably toned down his cheeks compared to his debut in Brawl.

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Other fans also noticed Snake’s lacking physique and made similar jokes online. “OTACON THEY TOOK MY A** I CAN’T SHIT,” another fan joked.

While many fans may be disappointed at Snake’s lack of cake in Fortnite, it’s still great to see Konomi’s star make his way to the massively popular battle royale.

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