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Fortnite: Player spotted riding Driftboard ahead of release

Published: 18/Dec/2018 19:20 Updated: 18/Dec/2018 19:37

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite released its v7.10 patch on December 18 that has brought along a number of leaks, but it also seems to have included a bug that let one player get their hands on the delayed Driftboard ahead of schedule.

Epic Games is gearing up to give players plenty of content before the Holiday season, but it looks like the developers forgot to close off a few things before releasing the v7.10 update.

In a Twitter post, user Giuk93600505 is seen shredding up the map on the newly announced, but yet-to-be-released Driftboard that will presumably be a new item pickup to use around the map.


The user even replied to a post by Epic Games on Twitter with the video showing him running amok with the unreleased feature.

Guik is strolling around on the hoverboard on different terrain, but the interesting part is what happens when they perform tricks on the board.

Much like the other vehicles in Fortnite, players will be able to rack up scores while on the Driftboard, giving the snowboard a classic feel reminiscent of the SSX snowboarding games.

This trick feature coincides with the recently leaked ’14 Days of Fortnite’ challenges that include racking up a certain amount of points on the Driftboard and could even point to future Driftboarding objectives down the line.


The Driftboard is still planned but for a future patch but is tucked away until further notice.