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Fortnite Party Royale possibly teases Kirby crossover with Nintendo

Published: 10/May/2020 13:11

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite’s next crossover may have been revealed in the recent Party Royale trailer, as eagle-eyed fans spotted popular Nintendo character Kirby appearing out of the blue.

In recent seasons, Fortnite has embraced popular culture and done a number of crossover with incredibly popular musicians, television shows, movies, and comic book characters. Some crossovers have been as simple as a few cosmetics in the item shop, a new game mode, or even a full-blown map change.

Most recently, the game had a crossover with Travis Scott and his Astronomical event but, since then, Fortnite has launched the Party Royale mode – with fans gathering for numerous EDM concerts. However, prior to the launch of Party Royale, a potential new crossover might have been spotted in the trailer.


Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most popular secondary characters.

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In the Party Royale mode trailer, players spotted Kirby appearing for a split-second at the beginning of the video. It is a real blink and you’ll miss it moment as the lovable pink character isn’t joining in with the Fortnite skins dancing in the middle of the screen.

Instead, Kirby can be seen hanging out just below where they are all dancing, floating under the right side of the bridge. The Nintendo character only appears in the official Epic Games trailer, though, and is blurred in the Xbox and PlayStation uploads. 

Kirby appears in the Fortnite trailer for a brief moment.

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Kirby’s appearance has sparked speculation that Fortnite could be doing a Nintendo-based crossover, but will that prove to be the case?


Some fans have suggested that the character wasn’t actually put into the trailer by Epic Games. Instead, they’ve noted that Kirby might have just been used in the footage sent in by the DJ’s in the trailer, seeing as it looks like Kirby is on the huge screen that is displaying the show.

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As of writing, Epic Games hasn’t confirmed if Kirby’s appearance was an easter egg that will lead to a crossover or if it was just a mistake.

Though, the Nintendo character hasn’t been referenced in leaks about season three – which have suggested that Aquaman will replace Deadpool and a few classic skins will be returning.