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Fortnite leak reveals huge set of scrapped and unreleased cosmetics

Published: 29/Mar/2020 17:06

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite leaker HYPEX has given fans of the battle royale a look at some skins and other cosmetics that haven’t been released yet – and a few that will likely never make it into the item shop. 

While the premise of Fortnite is pretty much the same as every other battle royale, Epic Games’ spin on the genre allows fans to set themselves apart from the rest with cosmetics – be they new character skins, sprays, or even weapon wraps. 

As the game is regularly updated, fans clamor to get their hands on the new cosmetics – with some of them becoming exceedingly rarer than others. Yet, it has been revealed that there are a huge number of unreleased cosmetics that fans may have seen before but are now unlikely to grab.


Epic Games
Fortnite skins are a hot commodity in the battle royale.

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Renowned Fortnite data miner HYPEX showed off a huge collection of these cosmetics – including skins, music packs, gliders, sprays, and anything else that can be collected from the battle royale.

A few of them may still release in the future, seeing as they have a description that states “released in Chapter 2, Season 2.” Yet, there are some that stretch back as far as Season 6 and Season 9 – including the Fortnite World Cup ‘Winners Circle’ music pack that had previously been leaked. 

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There are also a couple of crossovers from Epic Games’ Battle Breakers title that could see the light of day at some point, provided the developers decide to make that happen.


As for those that have a release point for the earlier seasons, it is unknown why Epic ultimately decided to scrap them – especially those cosmetics that got that leaked beforehand. That answer only lays with the developers.

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Seeing as the items are seemingly still in the game’s files, it likely wouldn’t be all that difficult to release them in the future. 

Though, that is pretty unlikely to happen seeing as many of the skins are designed to fit the theme of a particular season.