What is the Halloween ‘Final Reckoning’ event in Fortnite?

Daniel Cleary

The Fortnite x Batman Gotham City event may have dropped a new teaser for Season 11 with the ‘Final Reckoning’ movie and posters.

Fortnite’s map as we know it has gone through many changes since the game’s release in September 2018, with the introduction of many different types of terrain such as the desert around Paradise Palms to the Pressure Plant volcano.

However, fans may be set to receive a completely new Fortnite map after a set of posters possibly teasing the Island’s destruction have been added to the game as part of the Batman collaboration event.

Epic Games“The Final Reckoning” teased at Gotham City’s movie theater in-game.

What is the Final Reckoning?

The fan-favorite Titled Town has been replaced by the Batman-inspired Gotham City which is full of familiar venues to Batman fans such as Wayne Tower and Gotham PD as part of the latest update.

Many fans believe the end of the Fortnite map has been teased at the Gotham movie theater, which is currently advertising an upcoming movie titled “The Final Reckoning.”

The future in-game movie also has many posters scattered around the venue with different characters and villainous-looking figures on many of the walls at the Movie theater.

It is suspected that each of the characters teased to make an appearance in Fortnite could be part of “The Seven,” the group which the Volta Visitor Skin is said to be a part of and that they will be the reason for the destruction of the current map.

As of now only six members out of the possible seven, including the Volta Visitor, have been revealed in-game, making it likely that more teasers could follow before the season’s end.

It seems quite likely that Epic Games are gearing up for a new map as many map changes in Season 10 paid homage to some of the battle royale’s original points of interest, such as the return of Dusty Depot.

Many also expect that the characters in the movie may be later added to the game as separate character skins for players to experience similar to the Volta Visitor.

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