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How to complete “Light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City” challenge in Fortnite

Published: 21/Sep/2019 16:14 Updated: 21/Sep/2019 16:57

by Daniel Cleary


Fortnite’s latest collaboration with DC Comics’ Batman features new “Welcome to Gotham City” challenges for players to complete with the in-game event.

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The Fortnite x Batman event has seen many new additions to the popular battle royale such as map changes and new cosmetic items for players to experience in-game.

Fortnite’s latest update also saw the addition of the Batman-themed “Welcome to Gotham City” challenges and rewards that offers fans the chance to snag the Batman Glider, sprays and more.

HarryNinetyFour / YoutubeBat Signals such as this one can be found around the Fortnite map.
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Bat Signals locations

To complete this Batman x Fortnite event challenge, players will need to light up three different Bat Signals of the many scattered around the battle royale map.


As you can see in the image below, many of the locations for the Bat Signals you will need to find are spread out across the map.

We were able to mark eight of the Bat Signals locations in Fortnite and although there may be more available in other areas of the map, however, you will only need three to complete the Welcome to Gotham City challenge.

epic gamesEach of the known Bat Signals locations in Fortnite.
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To light up each of the Bat Signals, players will simply need to walk up them and interact.

It does not matter if you are not the first player in your lobby to come across one of the Bat Signals as each of them can be lit multiple times throughout the game.


You can also do them all in a single match, if you are able to transport around in time and the storm circle doesn’t catch you.

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The rest of the “Welcome to Gotham City challenges” in Fortnite’s Batman collaboration event can be found here.

The rewards include battle stars, gliders and more.

The crossover event was introduced to the game on September 21 and players will have until October 1 to complete each challenge and claim their exclusive rewards.