Fortnite: FaZe’s Tfue explains how and why the Rift-To-Go and Grappler items should be nerfed

Albert Petrosyan

It’s no secret that the current weapon and item balancing in Fortnite Battle Royale needs work, and FaZe Clan pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney thinks two specific items should be nerfed.

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During one of his live-streams, Tfue went in-depth about the Rift-To-Go and Grappler items in Fortnite, contending that Epic Games should nerf them because their effects are too powerful and effective.

The Rift-To-Go is an Epic rarity portable Rift that players can use to either instantly escape or reset their position by falling out of the sky directly over the part of the map where they activated the item.

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The Grappler, also an Epic item, is a gun with no cooldown or reload that players can fire at a nearby object and pull themselves towards it, allowing for a huge boost to the regular movement speed.

For the Rift-To-Go, Tfue proposes that at least a five-second activation timer should be implemented so that players have to wait for its effects to begin and can’t instantly use as an easy bailout.

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For the Grappler, Tfue suggests that a weapon delay timer be added so that players will have to wait a short period of time between each shot and can’t just spam it and cover a large distance in a short period of time.

While both of these items may be fun and useful to use in public matches, they are also available in events and tournaments, which can throw off the delicate balance that the competitive scene tries to maintain in terms of in-game items and weapons.

Perhaps one way to maintain that balance is to nerf certain items during competitive events while keeping them as is for public matches, although that’s an option Epic Games have not really looked to explore.