Fortnite exploit lets you collect multiple Mosaic Tiles at once

Rishabh Sabarwal
A mosaic tile on the floor in Fortnite

There’s a new Fortnite exploit out in the wild that lets you collect multiple Mosaic Tiles at once and can help you complete Odyssey quests faster.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is running down, and players are looking for strategies to level up quicker, complete their Battle Pass, and unlock those super-level style skins. To help players get there, Epic has published a slew of new challenges that may provide a lot of XP and even level up tokens.

Aside from the regular Match and Weekly quests, players now have access to Takedown quests and a brand new Odyssey questline, which challenges them to examine artifacts on the Fortnite map that are directly linked to the next Fortnite season. Players may earn free cosmetic rewards and XP by accomplishing relevant objectives in the Odyssey questline.

Fortnite Mosaic Tiles
You can easily collect Mosaic Tiles by interacting with them or walking near it in Fortnite.

To get them, players must gather several Mosaic Tiles around the island by hitting weak spots, opening containers, excavating Mosaic Caches, or defeating opponents. While collecting 300 Mosaic Tiles to get a free cosmetic reward might be tedious, an exploit allows you to gather numerous tiles in one go. Here’s how it works.

Fortnite exploit lets you collect multiple Mosaic Tiles from the ground

According to renowned Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey, when a Mosaic Tile is on the ground and if you run over it multiple times, it will count as 2 to 3 tiles instead of a single tile. This exploit or bug can come in extremely handy if players want to complete their bonus goals of unlocking the free reward and completing the cryptic image on the Odyssey quests tab.

While this exploit only works on tiles that are available as floor loot, several players have claimed it actually works and have eased their grind to collect numerous Mosaic Tiles easily. One such player said, “That technique was what helped me get the back bling within the span of the whole day playing on and off.”

Another chimed in by saying how easy it was, “Just go to the yacht and break everything inside.” A third user shared a bonus tip where “if you break objects / weak points near water, the mosiac will fall into the water and lag so it counts as even more mosaics.”

As players are finding ways to complete the final questline in Chapter 5 Season 1, leaks for the next Fortnite season have already started to surface and are building excitement among the community.

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