Is Fortnite dying following the release of Apex Legends? | The Fortnite Podcast Ep 65

Alan Bernal
Epic Games / Respawn Entertainment

Battle royale fans have been flocking to Apex Legends since it released on February 4, leaving many to wonder if Fortnite has what it takes to survive the popularity of the new game.

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Fortnite Podcast hosts 2LoudTX and MonsterDFace examined the release of Apex Legends and how it fits into the bigger picture of Fortnite’s longevity, seeing how the former is picking up speed.

Fortnite’s battle royale has been out since September 2017 and while many games in the same genre such as Realm Royale, Blackout and PUBG have failed to stand tall against the giant, Apex Legends looks to be doing just that.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends made a huge splash on the games market, and all signs point to it keeping that momentum.

Although Apex Legends seems to be a major hit with players and audiences, the game looks and feels like if “Overwatch and Call of Duty had a baby.” Although that might sound and look appealing to players, the feel might be a bit too generic to sustain the hype.

That doesn’t mean to say that Fortnite players should renounce Apex Legends, as MonsterDFace believes that the game’s release is an terrific addition to the market.

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Apex Legends has such a different style and approach to a battle royale compared to Fortnite, it could be the “break” that a lot of players needed.

Fortnite’s momentum has definitely stalled, but the game is too big and universal for it to just flat out die. MonsterDFace suggests that the younger audiences who have been a major contributing factor for Fortnite’s immense popularity won’t take to Apex Legends the same way they did with Fortnite.

Respawn Entertainment’s new title has captured the eyes of many, but Fortnite has evolved into apparel, entire entertainment verticals (podcasts), professional sports celebration, locales for concerts, etc., so it disappearing might be out of the question.

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The style and approach Apex Legends takes is amazing and will keep it thriving for a long time, but the hosts don’t think that it will be enough to permanently topple Fortnite.

The games should be relevant for a while, and the two can even coexist as improvements and innovations that Epic Games and Respawn Entertainment will undoubtedly add to their titles will work toward the people’s interests.

Regardless of which game comes out on top in the end, all eyes in the gaming space will no doubt be on what is sure to be the most talked about battle in recent memory.

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