Fortnite: Dusty Depot changes teasing big Season 10 story

Connor Bennett

Fortnite fans have discovered that Dusty Depot is constantly changing in-game, and it seems to be building up to some bigger overhaul for Season X.

The long-awaited Fortnite Season 10 was finally released on August 1, and while some fans may have been hoping for a brand new map – they were greeted with a few tweaks and the return of Dusty Depot.

It appears as if more changes are in the works, with a Wild-West themed Tilted Town already having been leaked. Yet, despite that, there are subtle tweaks being made each and every day to Dusty Depot – and you might not have even noticed just how important they might turn out to be.

Some fans were delighted to see Fortnite add Dusty Depot with the start of season 10.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user 10shredder00, pointed out that since the V10.00 update, the area inside of, and surrounding the Dusty Depot warehouses has been changing. Of course, the game hasn’t had a new patch every day, so these changes are happening underneath players noses. 

10shredder00 showed off their timelapse from August 2 to August 4, which you’ll have to watch a few times to notice every change. On August 2, there were significantly more boxes and scaffolding inside the warehouses on any other day. With the changes on August 3, fans could spot more boxes and changes outside – seemingly having those materials moved from their original locations.

From August 4, however, it appears as if construction on something has begun inside the Grey warehouse, with almost all of the original elements being moved out and builders being moved in to complete some sort of structure. 

Of course, those aren’t the only changes happening to the classic point of interest – there’s another, seemingly story-building addition too.

On August 3, some fans noted that a Telescope had appeared on the roof of the Grey warehouse, and it’s pointing directly at the suspended Meteor. What it’s looking for exactly, nobody is quite sure. 

Fortnite InsiderThe Telescope appeared atop Dusty Depot on August 3.

Regardless, it appears as if Epic Games have something up their sleeve for Dusty Depot, and the point of interest might not be around in its original state for much longer.

The next Fortnite patch, the v10.10 update, is expected on Thursday, August 8 –  so we should get a few more map changes and just then, we might be able to figure out what it all means.